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    First time painting checks on such a large and uneven surface. It was not as fun as it looks



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    Gaunt is the best! XD Nice to see you again @dawfydd


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    Evil dead unpacked … and it reminded me that I’ve been spoilt by the quality of the boardgame miniatures by CMON and the various kickstarters.
    The minis are best described them as plastic tokens. Sourcing your own copy of Ash and the various deadites might be the best way to upgrade the game to the quality I’ve started to expect.

    OTOH … at $59 retail it was never going to match the 99+$ CMON style boardgames in quality of the components.

    The game that could have been :

    (avoid the comments section if you value your sanity)

    I kind of wish CMON would have picked the license, but at the same time I’m glad as the infinite pledge levels that the typical CMON kickstarter has is annoying.

    @sundancer  The UHH was as fun as ever 🙂
    I wonder if the CoG-radio tomorrow is as fun as the first one.


    Ok, got the small JTT ferns. I have learned that they are paper after finishing the priming, basecoat and hit with a highlight. I’ll probably hit them with the airbrush and seal asap so the varnish can give them stability. Here’s a comparison between the two sizes.


    @robert So much work I feel a little overwhelmed for my single figure by comparison. Good job on keeping at it. The idea of checks on an uneven surface like that makes me cringe as I have tried the same in past. I have come to like masking for my airbrush for just that reason.

    @sundancer You’re going right into tartan right past plaid! Slow down from ludicrous speed, man!

    @limburger Yes, the party has started. There’s already beer set up, chips on the table and pizza is somewhere on the way.
    Its good to get the info about your Kickstarter. I know there’s one series of figures I’m chalking up to being a scam/overwhelmed by the fulfillment process. It took place before the kungflu hit and was reeling from the backlash of the Soda Pop finance fiasco.
    I believe there was a Dude figure done at some point. I checked Hasslefree, it seems like something that they’d do, but no luck.
    Now for Evil Dead 2, “Save the cheerleader, save the world”… yeah I said your words

    @dawfydd Long time no see. Again, I see all these minis and I think that there must be some sort of issue with me not punching out these masses of figures. Augh!!! Damn fine to see such a thicc Commisar… wait … I’m looking at another company’s website. My bad.



    So I think the horse for my Hussar Officer will end up being the last to make it to the Spring Clean Deadline. Got some work done on the saddle cloth (or whatever it’s called…I forgot…). Shame the officer himself won’t be done in time, but seeing as he will almost certainly sit on a shelf for quite some time I’m not too worried (I’d need more KGL Cavalry before I could properly field him in Black Powder). Hopefully tomorrow I can manage a progress pic, but we’ll have to see.


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    The UHH was as fun as ever 🙂
    I wonder if the CoG-radio tomorrow is as fun as the first one.

    @limburger thank you. I don’t know about episode 1 but today has a topic that somehow makes me itch… feeling the need to annoy @warzan with my opinions on that subject XD

    You’re going right into tartan right past plaid! Slow down from ludicrous speed, man!

    @horati0nosebl0wer I’ve seen Spaceballs, I won’t hit the brakes, I ain’t got no helmet…. FULL SPEED AHEAD! Hit da red button! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh…….


    Scraping up my handle for painting I think that the size is just right for the work I’m doing right now for display. the bad part is that it scrapes off the paint of the plinth.



    A bit more progress while listening to Warren’s radio show.  All my Warlord naked nudes finally painted and more swingers added to my tribe





    I only have the tack left on the Hussar’s horse! I have it basecoated, but I kind of hate painting black, so this is the hardest part of the mini for me… I’m still hoping it can be done in time for Saturday. But here’s the progress.



    Also, has anyone played the Song of Ice and Fire game, perchance? I started watching some playthroughs of the game (actually using Tabletop Simulator) and I downloaded the rules. It looks really fun, but it seems quite pricey. I’d love to paint the minis, though…




    More work done.. getting close


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    Very nice work horation



    The horse is now finished. The tack took a little while, but I think it came out alright. Should have the project log up by tomorrow…at some point.


    For now I just painted the base a flat colour. I will add texture paint at a later date, but seeing as the mini includes the rider it’s not trully done until he’s finished.

    On that subject, here is my currently very John Major-esque (Spitting Image, anyone?) officer just to show the bit that will be hidden once the whole thing is done.



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    Pledge complete – I got my cyberpunk gang finished.

    Yes, I know the bases are a little plain. And, just like I paint eyes now, I also do bases. But not when I started these guys. So it’s boring black disks for this gang. Maybe one day I’ll sprinkle on some sand and drybrush it grey just for completeness. But at the minute, I’m calling these boys done.

    I was stuck for cool cyberpunk names for each of the characters, so I named them – from left to right – Gerry, Tom, Ryan, Ben, John, Justin, Warren and Lloyd.

    I’ve been trying to get a game going using these minis for about a week now. I sent a load of stuff over to my brother-in-law in Italy; maybe I can get him to join in. 😉

    I did some more painting too – but it’s Friday and there’ll be a new thread starting, any minute now….


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    Good morning………………COGINAM!!!!!!!!!

    1) Due to lockdown pretty good, Up until Wednesday Star Wars Legion done, but due to Mr  Vince Reopening Asgard Games now have 2x Droid tanks and 2x B2 Super droids to build and paint, but have Team Yankee British., German and Soviet , Done. Reichbusters Kickstarter Done, Maritan Tripods Done , 5  GW Skitari that were sitting on paint table and annoying hell out of me, and finish my Skitari Infantry Done. Sisters of Battle all built , Genestealers for Overkill built . I would put pictures but on phone and no wireless connection or even service at work!

    2) Yes, I’m not paranoid ,paranoid people only ‘think’ the world it out to get them, I know it is and have proof!

    3) Fluffy Slippers with a fez on them ! and of course a big Yellow blanket!


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