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    Got the horse all done! A proper project log will be forth coming with my usual research, but next up is going to be the accoutrements and cloth details. They shouldn’t take too much research, seeing as the KGL 2nd Hussars are fairly well known!



    EDIT: Project log is up! Next thing to do is to work out the facing colours of the 2nd KGL Hussars. Pretty sure they’re yellow, but it won’t take long to find in one of my various books…


    We’ve seen the headliners of OTT. Now we’ll get all the gremlins that support the show.

    Here’s one that needs a little modification to make a proper airbrush from a pencil… and don’t bother him until he’s done with coffee.




    The resident sword for hire at OTT @ludicryan




    The one and only 1337 haxxor ninja on the payroll kitted out with his tablet and some serious beef with pirates @tgu3


    Silent Tom back


    Last, but not least of this batch, with his beloved baggage




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    lol, rather accurate on the looney part!



    Got my project for my Celts updated after spending most of yesterday doing the finishing touches to a few minis –

    This is what I want to have finished by the end of the week.



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    Dudes, I need your help. I’m 100% sure I had printed out a “How to paint tartan” as a part of a painting guide PDF of sorts. But I can’t find that to save my life. So to aid @avernos quest in making everyone paint tartan (and to annoy @robert) can you lads and lasses help me find that pdf? I’m quite sure that the “painting tartan” part was only a small part of a bigger pdf but I don’t remember where I got that from. I’m almost certain it was from a company somewhat involved in the hobby itself but I’m not sure.





    no clue what you’ve seen but here is what I have saved in my folders

    Basic premise;

    Historically accurate naps;

    Top end figure painting;

    Finally Kujo has a fantastic video if you prefer to watch;

    No clue what you have seen in the past mind you



    Hey @sundancer do you.. like to watch?

    Good to see @avernos keeping busy in lockdown.

    Now, a serious question.

    I have been watching multiple videos on painting white armour. The thing they have in common is finishing with a white glaze.

    Popular theory is making it with water. But I’m wondering why a medium solution wouldn’t work better?

    Not going to be disagreeing with Sir Duncan and Darren Latham so more curious on a theoretical level really.


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    ooh … I see the party has already started.
    Pledge ?
    Listening to the UHH on tuesday … that is definitely on my list now.

    Oak&Iron is in. Need to check that one to see if it is complete.

    As is the ‘Evil dead’ boardgame that was ‘free’ because the creators felt like they had to allow backers of a different Evil dead boardgame kickstarter a chance to get the game. IMHO the creators of the original project simply underestimated total costs and also were doing their first boardgame … others say they were fraudulent/scammers, but I seriously doubt it.
    Anyways … free stuff is always cool (only shipping costs).

    Got my Batman season 2 bits.
    I admit that I got into the 1st and 2nd kickstarter for this game not merely for the game, but also because I kind of wanted Batman-themed skirmish game one way or another.
    The Knight Models are pretty, but they’re also expensive finicky metal things.

    The OTT Discord already provided me with one miniature agnostic superhero themed skirmish game to look at.

    It also made me realise that there is a lot of that sort of stuff out there, but it rarely gets mentioned unless the stars align (Frosthaven & Rangers being prime examples). I suspect it is because we are trained to expect updates and with the amount of new stuff getting released you need a ginormously active community to stay visible. And that’s the kind of stuff the smaller publishers simply can’t provide.

    The likes of GW really have spoilt us …  and at the same time I doubt it is realistic to expect the little publishers to compete at a global level in the same way that the big boys do.

    1) We’re nearly 50% through 2020 – how’s your hobby progress?
    I’m at the same speed and progress I’ve been since before The Event(tm)

    2) Are *they* watching us?
    Nah, they are not watching us.
    HE is watching is.
    The Almighty Ctulluh …
    all hail Ctulluh!
    Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!

    3) What kind of merchandise would OTT fit best? Clothing (Shirts, hoodies, caps, FEZ!!!), gaming accessories (dice, dice bag etc) or something completely different?

    Dicebags ?
    Stickers. …
    Temporary tattoos of the CoG-sign ?

    Oh and Dude!
    One can’t mention dude without The Dude!

    (Capaldi was awesome as The Doctor … especially in scenes like that one)


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    Hey @sundancer do you.. like to watch?

    Where is the bleach … my eyes… the goggles do nothing!


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    Wow. It’s Monday already. I’ve not really got much “hobby” done (but have made great strides in an app for playing games so it feels like hobby). I guess that’s about how I’d answer the first question:

    • We’re nearly 50% through 2020 – how’s your hobby progress?

    Slow but steady. Soooo many ideas, so much to do and so little time (even with lockdown and lots of time at home). But it feels like things are starting to come together now, which in turn means I get more time to spend on actual hobby. I paint eyes now. And have started doing bases. The bit in the middle, however, still takes far too long so I really need to get friendly with contrast paints.

    • Are *they* watching us?

    Of course they are. Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you 😉

    • What kind of merchandise would OTT fit best? Clothing (Shirts, hoodies, caps, FEZ!!!), gaming accessories (dice, dice bag etc) or something completely different?

    I’ve never really been one for “merch”. I always bought my wife a mug when we went to see one of the many different Cirque Du Soleil performances. But t-shirts and hats and things just never resonated with me. I’m more a mouse mats and mugs kind of guy. In fact (just checks to make sure they don’t already) if OTT sold mouse mats and mugs, I’d probably buy one of each (hell, two if the mugs were labelled “painting water” and “not painting water”).


    Pledge: computer has had hold of my by the throat these last two weeks, and it’ll still require a lot of effort (but hopefully it’ll be worth it to share with you guys in a few weeks) but I’m determined not to lose the momentum of the last couple of months. So I reckon I need to finish my cyberpunk gang once and for all, and get my not-LOTR gang finished (contrast paints will feature *a lot*).


    Music: I’ve been reminiscing about the 90s a lot recently. Maybe it’s the whole “what-the-hell-are-you-going-with-your-time?” thing because of the lockdown. But I quite liked the devil-may-care bit-of-a-knobhead fearless idiot I was 25 years ago; 90s rock reminds me that I wasn’t always a paunchy middle-aged guy.




    @woldenspoons I think the idea is that a lot of pure white paints are quite thin, so water works well enough without becoming patchy, though I would always err on the side of caution and use a medium, myself.


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    Just a quickie to wave “hi” and say I’m still around. Hobby has been… odd as I’ve been working right through the current crisis, but still plugging away with building, even if I’ve not gotten much painted.

    For example, now that the ful range of Sister of Battle kits are out, been having fun making alternate squad leaders…
    2020-06-13 07.24.26

    And this was a few weeks ago (so may have posted in another thread) but I’ve at least gotten the bulk of my SoB primed up:
    2020-04-24 13.05.102020-04-24 13.27.132020-04-24 14.34.11

    And did I post up that I scored one of my “grail” minis? The original Colonel-Commissar Gaunt from the limited  edition Black Library diorama:

    2020-05-07 18.18.56
    Hilariously chonky 😀

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