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[unofficial weekender] Dude! It's Friday!

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    1) probably getting less done than usual as I don’t have tournaments or events to aim for. Wales is still very much in lockdown.

    2) this is why my work laptop has a post it note over the camera. Not having them piggy backing my disney+ sub while I’m working.

    3) OTT mini line. They could even print them themselves. @warzan could even make ‘special edition’ ones for Justin before hiding all the clippers.

    I’d I get through the weekend without priming Obi Wan I will be very annoyed with myself weather permitting. Beyond that I’ll be waiting for the write up of the 40k box reveal.

    Now music. A song I don’t know but was recommended on the weekender.


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    @robert the goblin vampires come from macrocosm (


    @harati0nosebl0wer I agree the base is a bit plane. Its the scheme I’ve gone for with my entire undead force so I’m sort of stuck with either keep them all as is or give them all an upgrade. I plan to give them all some grass tufts of similar at some point.



    Don’t you touch my dags!





    I put up more work on my project. I decided to add it in the Spring Clean Challenge since it does qualify for time on my shelf.

    @woldenspoons Lol.. always good stuff and here’s an addition from around then

    @danlee Tufts are a good move. Keeping the army cohesive before then is best.



    @horati0nosebl0wer I don’t know the top one but I’m a big fan of the other two. In fact I saw Offspring live in Wolverhampton. Back when Dexter had dreads.

    I got the old white spray out on my Clones and Obi Wan. So almost halfway there painting them ???.

    Tell you what @horati0nosebl0wer that’s one kick ass base. Really excelled yourself.

    @robert good work too sir.


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    heres a plug for my latest project


    and here’s an artist i come across  on YouTube


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    1. Better than it’s ever been, I think I’ve painted more in the last 3 months than I’ve done in the last 3 years.

    2. At least Google definitely is, the targeted ads are creepy.

    3. It’s about time they produced a game!

    Started the Star Wars AT-ST last week, but was still waiting for a couple of paints. So in the meantime I started a test scheme on 2 Scions, which then got put aside when those paints turned up. Got the shading and highlighting done today, just the weathering and basing to go.




    @woldenspoons Keen to hear the good news on the show. The first step of getting things done can definitely be the hardest. Remember the basing as an element and it all will fall into line.  As far more display base work I still have things to do. I found my dried leaves that I punched last year in my storage.

    @tuffyears I’ll see that tune

    and raise the instrumental

    @flatbattery  A beautiful ATST. The highlights really work there for the flat panels.



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    Got three off the seven done over the weekend!


    @horati0nosebl0wer excellent tune selection!


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    Calling this lot done.



    @scribbs Love the Line Battalion, mate! Are they 24th Regiment of Foot? They look great.

    I have finally added some paint to my Hussar Officer’s horse after spending an awful long time looking up the ‘right’ horses… Uniform research can be a pain in the arse sometimes. 😛


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    I finally did some hobby again! Huzza!

    And I did tartan… you hearing this @robert @avernos I’m going insane! XD



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    @crazyredcoat That they are, 2nd Warwickshire Regiment of Foot.

    I think for British Hussars you can pretty much get away with any colour for the horse. I believe that the heavy cavalry were more prescriptive in horse colour. Take that with a pinch of salt though – I’ve got a fair bit of infantry to work through before I start on cavalry, so haven’t yet looked into it very much yet.



    @sundance The Event (stay indoors) madness has finally taken you! Good luck with your new life of endlessly painting little squares.

    @scribbs I decided on a Bay horse because a lot of the contemporary and more modern artworks seems to focus on them. I actually used to work at a place where we wore 1st Warwickshire uniforms (6th Foot). Nicest beltplate designs we had of any uniform…


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    A pledge – create an army list of Late Imperial Romans for MeG, test paint a few and clean up a bunch more for a base coat spray.

    1. Not bad all things considered. Reinvigorated my hobby by joining back stage and meeting a load of interesting people on the discord.

    2.we are in an alien simulation so yes of course – watch this and be enlightened

    3. Clothes – with cartoons of the dudes .



Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 60 total)

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