Flashing Blades & Feathers For Freebooter’s Fate This Month

April 16, 2019 by brennon

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Freebooter's Fate welcomes two new characters into the mix this month. The first of these is a wonderfully colourful character in the form of Quetcholli.

Quetcholli #1 - Freebooter Miniatures

This wonderful model shows off this colourful killer for the Amazons in the game. Her totem is the flamingo and so the feathers she wears are taken from that exceptionally bright and vivid bird.

Quetcholli #2 - Freebooter Miniatures

She uses the power of those creatures to allow her to rush across the water, springing off it as if it was solid so that she can strike at her foes when they think they're safe.

Too Many Knives?

As a famous literary character once said “You can never have too many knives, his father had told him. Unless they're pointed at you, and by people who don't like you much" and this lady, La Hoja, totally agrees.

La Hoja #1 - Freebooter Miniatures

This lady is a knife-throwing specialist for use in the Pirate faction, able to pin down her foes quite literally with her blades. She can get up close and personal with that cutlass of hers and then keep enemies at bay with a fan of daggers.

La Hoja #2 - Freebooter Miniatures

I really like the dynamic looking sculpts that we're getting for Freebooter's Fate. Each of them builds on their character really nicely, giving you a sense of just how they play out on the tabletop. This is the kind of thing you need when building a skirmish game range.

Which of these two would you snap up?

"I really like the dynamic looking sculpts..."

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