Freebooter Get Moggies & Marshals Ready For December

December 9, 2019 by brennon

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Freebooter Miniatures has been showing off some new releases for use in Freebooter's Fate this month. Leading the way is a rather strange looking character, Senor Fluffy Kitten!

Senor Fluffy Kitten - Freebooter Miniatures

This fellow joins the Goblins on the tabletop for the game and comes with that wonderful cloak which he thought was just fantastic. In fact, the furry nature of the cloak has rubbed off on him and he now enjoys a good scratch behind the ear and purring when things are going well. Some say that in a strange way he might even have nine lives!

Martial Might

Additionally, there has been a release for the Imperial Armada. These are the Cazador Guards who will be cracking peoples heads in with those halberds and 'keeping the peace' as it were.

Cazador Guards - Freebooter Miniatures

These fellows are decorated members of their order and whilst they might be heavy-handed they are looked upon some reverence. It's always nice to give you an idea of who was involved with these projects and so Senor Fluffy Kitty was sculpted by Werner Klocke and then painted by Sascha Bernhardt whilst the Cazador Guards were sculpted by Krysa Project and then painted by Castle Brush.

So, are you liking the new miniatures for this month?

"Some say that in a strange way he might even have nine lives!"

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