Ready Your Blades For Freebooter’s Fate March Releases

March 14, 2019 by dracs

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It be time once more for me to be typin' like a pirate (one hand, one hook) as March brings new treasures for Freebooter's Fate. Arr.

The first figure to step on board is the muskateer Treville.

Treville fights for the Debonn faction, where he somehow manages to lead its quarrelsome muskateers.

The sculpt does make this look like someone who would have the calm leadership to unite such a band of individuals. There's a simple confidence there that makes this a favourite sculpt for me.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Armada get help taking down their enemies at range with two new Arquebusiers.

For simple deck hands, these two look competent enough with those muskets. They don't look to be in a hurry to get anywhere, but then why would you when you can pick your enemy off from afar.

There is just one problem here.

I wouldn't mind that much, but his base is on planks. That means he must have fetched the rock just to pose!

Finally, we find the charlatan Milagroso.

Milagroso is a specialist for the Cult, and a mercenary who deals in dodgy elixirs. Sometimes they even manage to work!

The model is a very characterful sculpt, with a good degree of swagger. Everything here speaks of a snake oil salesman.

Out of the three, my favourite by far is Treville. I'm a swashbuckler at heart and that miniature is one I might even pick up to use as a prospective roleplay character in the future.

Which of these releases is your favourite sculpt? 

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