Freebooter’s Grande L’Armee Gets More Valiant Supporters

February 23, 2019 by brennon

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Freebooter Miniatures has been adding to their Grande L'Armee de la Debonn force in Freebooter's Fate with some new characters beginning with Sergeant Plisse.

Sergeant Plisse - Freebooter Miniatures

This fellow might look like a stick-thin waif of a man but he is not to be messed with. He might have aged a little bit but he's ready to cut and thrust with the best of them, swashbuckling his way onto the front lines and leading others into the action.

Some of these others might be like the new Vieille Garde set.

Vieille Garde - Freebooter Miniatures

Here you have two new deckhands for you to include into the mix. One of them is ready with a sword at hand, fending off a boarding action, whilst the other is a larger than life lady who is no doubt good with that cleaver she has stuffed down by her side.

What do you make of these new releases for the game?

"...he's ready to cut and thrust with the best of them"

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