Hunters & Minstrels Hit The Freebooter High Seas

June 15, 2019 by brennon

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Freebooter Miniatures have shown off two new releases for this month that will soon be gracing tabletops for Freebooter's Fate. The first character is Tossica, a deadly hunter.

Tossica - Freebooter Miniatures

This deadly hunter with her brutal looking claws is hired by many different money lenders to go and hunt down those who owe a significant debt. Whilst some debt collectors don't relish their tasks, she is very different. She enjoys the hunt and if you run it's even more exciting for her.

Play Me A Ditty

Turning to a more cheery option for your crews we have Pierre De Croar.

Pierre de Croar - Freebooter Miniatures

As a self-proclaimed Bard Of The Fine Arts, he would tell everyone that he is the best of the best. However, both friend and foe alike are never happy to hear the piercing tones of Pierre's performances ringing in their ears. You'll find him working as a great specialist for the Debonn faction.

Which of these two new characters has captured your imagination the most?

Let us know in the comments below!

"Which of these two new characters has captured your imagination the most?"

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