Spooky Spectres Find Their Way To Freebooter’s Fate

December 16, 2020 by brennon

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More spectral spooks are coming to the world of Freebooter's Fate as they build on the offerings for the Shadows faction! We start with a wild-looking miniature in Animalistic Force.

Animalistic Force - Freebooters Fate

Animalistic Force // Freebooter's Fate

This shows how the very spirit of nature has flowed inside the body of some unfortunate individual and taken over. The very essence of the waves and the islands of Freebooter's Fate have been woven into this character and the body has become a living weapon. I wouldn't want to be finding myself on the end of those claws!

We also have this character, the Gate Warden.

Gate Warden - Freebooters Fate

Gate Warden // Freebooter's Fate

This shambling fellow carries the Shadow Gate with him everywhere and the spectral forces of the Shadows can use this to move about the battlefield. You can position this character and then flood your Shadows through his gate when launching surprise attacks on your foes. He also has something hefty to hit you with too.

We finish with a pair of Crawlers that are creeping forth!

Crawlers - Freebooters Fate

Crawlers // Freebooter's Fate

These floating creatures are fantastic twists on classic pirates who have now been turned against their past crew members. I love that they've got a certain Dead Man's Chest feel to them and are packed with character, especially for more rank and file characters.

There are plenty of fun options coming to Freebooter's Fate it seems!

"There are plenty of fun options coming to Freebooter's Fate it seems!"

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