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Blood Rage



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Blood Rage Digital Kickstarter Now Live From CMON


CMON is now on Kickstarter with a digital version of their hit board game, Blood Rage.

CMON Take Blood Rage Digital With Upcoming Kickstarter


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Viking Board Game Blood Rage Now Available To Buy


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The Wild Boar Clan Add New Options As Blood Rage Enters Final Days


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Delve Into The Mystical Side Of Blood Rage Before Kickstarter Ends!


Delve into the spiritual side of Ragnarok with the addition of Shaman characters to each clan in the world of Blood Rage!

Mighty Thor Rounds Off The Gods of Asgard Expansion To Blood Rage


Thor the Victorious is the last of the Gods to join the expansion that will become part of every pledge package they receive later this year. Do you like the way Blood Rage is going?

More Norse Gods Join You In Battle For Blood Rage


More Gods descend on the world of men as tribes battle it out for a place in Valhalla in Blood Rage. Have you pledged for this game yet?

5th Player Expansion & More Models Unlocked For Blood Rage Board Game!


Blood Rage is getting very exciting indeed with the addition of a whole bunch of extra sculpts and miniatures alongside a 5th Player Expansion if you want to get more people in on Ragnarok!

Blood Rage Smashing Down & Raiding Stretch Goals!


Blood Rage is up on Kickstarter and it's smashing down stretch goals left, right and centre. You can also check out a big gameplay video from Jogando within too!

Blood Rage Board Game Kicks Off Today So Grab The Rules!


Blood Rage kicks off later today and in the mean time they've shown off the pledge level for the game plus given you the rulebook to flick through!

Ragnarök Strikes! Blood Rage Coming To Kickstarter March 2nd!


Ragnarök is on the horizon as on March 2nd 2015 Blood Rage from the combined forces of Guillotine Games and Studio McVey will launch on Kickstarter.

A Mighty Frost Giant Stomps Into Blood Rage Fully Painted!


A massive Frost Giant has walked into the world of Blood Rage all painted up and ready to stomp on some enemies. See what you think of him painted up once again by the hands at Rogland!

The Mighty Fire Giant Stomps Into The World Of Blood Rage


Blood Rage heats up with the coming of the Fire Giant. I have no idea how this works as a board game component but it's an insane paint job regardless!

The Raven Clan Warrior Of Blood Rage Gets Painted Up


See what you think of another awesome painting piece from Blood Rage by the talent hands at Rogland Painting Studios. If this is the quality of gaming pieces we're going to be getting this is working out to be a brilliant game.

Take A Look At The Clan Sheets For Blood Rage


Check out one of the Clan Sheets for the Ravens in Blood Rage by both Guillotine Games and Studio McVey.

Blood Rage Howls At The Moon With The Wolf Clan Leader


We continue a look at Blood Rage with more from the Viking Clans taking part in Ragnarok. This time the focus is on the deadly Wolf Clan and their howling ferocity.

More Amazing Artwork & Sculpting For Blood Rage!


See how Blood Rage is shaping up with another miniature in the form of the Bear Clan Warrior and a painted version of the Serpent Clan Leader!

Check Out The Troll Under The Bridge For Blood Rage!


See what monstrous additions to Blood Rage the folks at Guillotine Games and Studio McVey have in store with a rather impressive looking Troll on the horizon.

Learn More About The Gameplay Of Viking Blood Rage!


See what you think of the board and some of the rules for Blood Rage, the new Viking themed board game coming your way from Studio McVey and Guillotine Games.

Guillotine Games & Studio McVey Team Up For Blood Rage


See what you think of another big project from the minds of Eric M. Lang, Studio McVey, Guillotine Games and Adrian Smith called Blood Rage. It's all about those awesome mythological Vikings!

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