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Dystopian Wars



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Sea, Steam and Space Previews from Spartan Games


Masses of painted previews for the new releases from Spartan Games!

Towering New Wave of Dystopian Wars Releases


Towers, Guns and plenty of flyers from Spartan Games.

Dystopian Wars Rulebook Sneak Peek & The Black Wolf


A look inside the rulebook and at the submersible, The Black Wolf from Spartan Games.

Dystopian Wars Enter a New Generation


The newest edition of Dystopian Wars is ready to go.

The French Mobilise for War with Spartan Games


Will this be your new fleet for Dystopian Wars?

Take the Run-Way With You in Dystopian Wars


The Dystopian Wars Mobile Airfields will be appearing in shops this Wednesday, so Spartan Games have put up some pics of these massive models fully painted alongside their land ship and heavy walker counter parts.

Massive Dystopian Wars Releases from Spartan


Massive new releases from Spartan Games.

Dystopian Wars Gets Major Update


A Massive Technological & Errata Update for Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games.

More Mobile Airfields from Spartan Games


More Mobile Airfields from the folks at Spartan Games to add heavy fire power and fliers to your games of Dystopian Wars.

Steampunk Lily & Alamo Airfield from Spartan Games


Steampunk Lily and the massive Alamo Class Mobile Airfield from Spartan Games

Dystopian Wars: Industrial Terrain Set


Warren investigates the Spartan Games Industrial Terrain Set for Dystopian Wars.

Dystopian Wars: Modular Weapons Platform


Warren takes a look at some more Dystopian Wars terrain, this time it's the the Modular Weapons Platform.

Dystopian Wars: Airfield


Warrren opens some more cool Dystopian Wars terrain from Spartan Games... this time it's the Airfield.

Dystopian Wars: Town Terrain Set


A game of Dystopian Wars wouldn't be the same without some terrain... or at least something for your huge robot to stomp on! So, Warren checks out the Town Terrain Set.

Dystopian Wars: Metzger Robot


Warren's takes a look at one of the most impressive miniatures the Dystopian Wars game has to offer... the Prussian Empire's monstrous... Metzger Robot!

The Massive Kagoshima Mobile Airfield from Spartan


Even Indiana Jones would have trouble with this mighty Temple of Doom from Spartan Games!

The World of Dystopian Wars


Warren and Ben discuss the background to Dystopian Wars and try to find out just what make this fantastic world tick.

Dystopian Wars: Covenant of Antarctica Starter Set


Andy and Ben take a look at the second starter set used in our Dystopian Wars demo game this week... the Covenant of Antarctica.

Dystopian Wars: Time Dilation Orb


Ben and Andy are Back with another cool mini for Dystopian Wars, this time its the ominous Time Dilation Orb.

Dystopian Wars: Brunel’s Latest Triumph


The massive Brunel Mobile Airfield rumbles across the Dystopian Wars battlefield.

Dystopian Wars: Prussian Sky Fortress


Ben and Andy take a look at the huge Prussian Sky Fortress, a massive flying capital ship, perfect as a centrepiece to your Dystopian War Prussian force.

Dystopian Wars: Prussian Starter Set Unboxed


Andy and Ben take a look at the Prussian Empire Starter set for Dystopian Wars.

An Introduction to Dystopian Wars… part 2


In the second part, Warren and Ben take you through some more of the basics that you'll come across in a game of Dystopian Wars

An Introduction to Dystopian Wars… part 1


Warren and Ben take you through the basics of playing a game of Dystopian Wars... the game of Victorian Age Science Fiction where battles take place over land, sea and air.

New Dystopian & Uncharted Previews from Spartan


New Covenant of Antarctica & Uncharted Seas Previews from Spartan Games

In Prussian Empire Metzger Controls You!


Choose your side with these new Dystopian Wars Propaganda Posters

Latest Dystopian Wars Previews


Spartan Games have put up previews for the latest class of ships which will be available in Dystopian Wars.

New Prussian Carrier Gets Tested the Metgzer Way


Some more amazing previews from Dystopian Wars today from Spartan Games. Check out the mighty Rhine Class Fleet Carrier below firstly... With Tesla weaponry, massively devastating broadsides within range band one and great supporting power its a great sea bound […]

Dystopian Wars Takes to the Skies


Some fantastic new previews for the steampunk world of Dystopian Wars announced today. Spartan Games really have gone to town on these two new behemoths of the sky.

Starter Deal for Covenant of Antarctica


Spartan Games have currently got a special offer running for those who want to get started with the Covenant of Antarctica.

Check out the New Trays from Battle Foam


Hot off the foam presses come these smashing new tray for your Battle Foam bags! These trays are specifically cut to fit the brand new Vampire Counts monsters and the Dark Eldar Scourges from Games Workshop. But that's not all... there's also a tray to fit the cool new Dystopian Wars faction... the Antarctic Covenant!

Dystopian Wars Giants Out of the Factory


A massive Prussian Robot is out to stomp its way across the world of Dystopian Wars this month.

New Wave of Releases for Dystopian Wars


Spartan Games have put up a veritable tsunami of new releases for Dystopian Wars, especially the Covenant of Antartica.

Dystopian Wars: Covenant of Antarctica Announced


The superbly successful steampunk wargame of land, sea, and air from Spartan Games has announced its newest fleet to be unleashed on the high seas of Dystopian Wars.

New Releases for Dystopian Wars


Spartan Games have announced the realese of some brand new ships for Dystopian Wars.

Planet Terrain Kits & Dice Docks from Corsec


Here's some snappy, interstellar acrylci terrain from Corsec Engineering, but they also have some useful Dice Docks for those naval and space combat games.

Dystopian Bombers from Spartan Games


More miniatures for Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games this time some bombers!

Fleet transporters from Battle Foam


Battle Foam has signed a deal with Spartan Games to bring you a set of bags.

Dystopian Wars Scenery Previews


Spartan Games have released some renders of upcoming terrain for Dystopian Wars the Victorian Steam Punk Airship Battle Game. (phew thats a mouthfull!) Anyway check these out... So there you have it! The Dystopian Wars range looks like its certainly expanding, all thats […]

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