Dystopian Wars; Which Starter Box Is Right For You? Sturginium Skies Or Hunt For The Prometheus

November 4, 2022 by avernos

Want to get started in Dystopian Wars? We compare the two Starter Sets from Warcradle Studios and talk through what they offer for those wanting to begin in the game. You could go with Sturginium Skies or The Hunt For The Prometheus!


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Make sure to check out the other videos from Dystopian Wars Week! We have gaming videos, painting tutorials and lore interviews diving deeper into this awesome wargame.

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You can comment on OnTableTop to win Dystopian Wars: Hunt For The Prometheus OR comment on YouTube to win Dystopian Wars: Sturginium Skies. A lucky winner from YouTube and OnTableTop will be picked shortly after the end of the week!

We hope you enjoy Dystopian Wars Week!

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