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The Walking Dead: All Out War



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Designed by Mark Latham, The Walking Dead: March To War is the new 'expansion' for the world that Mantic Games has brought to the tabletop.

Unboxing: The Walking Dead – Here’s Negan!


Here's Negan is a standalone board game in The Walking Dead universe set before the events of the TV series.

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Mantic Continue The Story In Walking Dead: All Out War Wave Five


Mantic Games are continuing the narrative behind Walking Dead: All Out War with Wave Five now available to pre-order from their webstore. 

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Mantic Games Preview New Walking Dead Game. Here’s Negan!


Mantic Games has announced today that they are going to be producing a new board game alongside Skybound Entertainment, Here's Negan.

Ronnie Talks What’s Next For Mantic’s Walking Dead: All Out War


Ronnie Renton has popped up on the Mantic Games blog to talk about what the future holds for the very fun The Walking Dead: All Out War.

Mantic Games Reveal Their Walking Dead 2018 Event Miniatures


Mantic Games have revealed their Walking Dead: All Out War Event Miniatures for this year.

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Let’s Play: The Walking Dead – EXCLUSIVE Grab The Goods Scenario


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Check Out The Walking Dead: All Out War Collector’s Edition By Mantic


The Walking Dead: All Out War is getting itself a Collector's Edition from Mantic Games packaging together the core game with plenty of awesome extras for you and a friend to get started in the game.

Maggie & Glenn In Wave Three For Mantic Games The Walking Dead: All Out War


As part of their Wave Three previews for The Walking Dead: All Out War, Mantic Games have shown off some upcoming minis with our favourite zombie apocalypse couple Maggie & Glenn

Take Refuge From The Walking Dead At The Greene Family Farm


The Greene Family Farm set is now up for pre-order from Mantic Games, providing shelter from the walkers of The Walking Dead.

Wave Two Releases Coming Soon For Mantic’s Walking Dead World


Mantic Games are looking to bring more Walking Dead to the tabletop for you with their Wave Two Collection which is available for you to pre-order now on their webstore.

Walking Dead’s Lee & Clementine Available From Mantic This Weekend


The Lee & Clementine pack from The Walking Dead: All Out War, is going to be available for you to pick up from the Mantic Games webstore today and in a very limited number.

Walking Dead & Warpath Bundles Coming To AdeptiCon From Mantic


AdeptiCon is but a day away and as a last minute update make sure to go and check out what Mantic Games are doing as they have some great deals for those of you who like The Walking Dead: All Out War and Warpath!

Hitch A Ride In Dale’s RV For Mantic’s The Walking Dead


Mantic are running from the apocalypse and hitching a ride in Dale's RV, a new vehicle kit for use with The Walking Dead: All Out War.

Walking Dead Organised Play Kits Detailed By Mantic


Mantic Games has now shown off details of their new Organised Play kit for The Walking Dead: All Out War. See what you think.

Let’s Play: Walking Dead D-Day Z-Day Beach Invasion


Mantic’s Epic Walking Dead Diorama + Lee & Clementine Join The Survivors!


Mantic Games has now revealed their full diorama, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe which shows off the savage scene from the comics where Negan decides to punish the other characters.

Mantic Games Preview A Brutal Walking Dead Diorama


Over on the Mantic Games Blog, they are currently running a bit of a Walking Dead: All Out War Week and that includes previewing some snippets from one of their upcoming diorama kits which might be familiar to folks.

Take To The Streets With Deep-Cut’s Walking Dead Mats


The team at Deep-Cut Studio has been working on some mats that are worthy of your Walkers from Mantic Games' Walking Dead. See what you think of these Town Mats...

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We're back after a hard earned break to bring you more awesomeness from the world of tabletop gaming.

Mantic Announce The Walking Dead Brush With Death Painting Competition


Do you fancy your chances in a Brush With Death Painting Competition working on miniatures from The Walking Dead: All Out War?

Let’s Play: The Walking Dead – Shopping Mall Scavenge


Today we're joined by Gerry to play the very special Walking Dead: All Out War game from Mantic Games.

Weekender XLBS: Christmas Hobby Time Plans & A Yeti Mystery!


Join us for a nice relaxed morning (or whenever you hope to be watching!) of XLBS with us. It's time to dive into some great hobby discussion and more...

New Expansions & Boosters Available For Mantic’s The Walking Dead


Mantic Games has now added a whole bunch of expansion content onto their webstore for The Walking Dead: All Out War starting with the likes of Prelude To Woodbury.

Weekender: Walking Dead Winners, Blood Bowl Returns & Mythic Battles Breaks $1M


We've somewhat recovered from The Walking Dead: All Out War Boot Camp and will be diving into our thoughts on the game and much more besides!

Community Spotlight: Warriors, Wolves & Walkers


We're back with another awesome Community Spotlight looking at what you folks have been up to in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

VLOG: BOW Merchandise & Dropfleet Bootcamp Prep


We've been recovering from an epic weekend of gaming following The Walking Dead All Out War Bootcamp but there's no time to rest as the Dropfleet Commander Bootcamp is about to enter our orbit.

Let’s Play: The Walking Dead – All Out War


Join us as we try and survive the zombie apocalypse in a Let's Play of The Walking Dead: All Out War.

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Weekender: 4Ground’s Epic Shopping Mall & Zombie Survival Prep Talk


4Ground's shopping mall gets us thinking survival plans whilst we talk about The UK Games Expo with the organisers and some amazing gamer swag from Cosy Dice!

Last Chance To Grab Walking Dead Boot Camp Tickets


Exclusives, Prizes and Freebies!

Weekender: TTCombat Mega Terrain Prize & White Dwarf Back With A Bang


TTCombat talk Carnevale, we give away a MASSIVE terrain bundle prize and get stuck into the news from a week in tabletop gaming...

VLOG: The Walking Dead Boot Camp Last Tickets For All!


It's time for us to open up the Boot Camps to the public. So, if you fancy a weekend with us in the studio playing The Walking Dead by Mantic Games then grab your ticket!

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