Community Spotlight: Constructing Terrain, Crusaders & Surviving The Undead!

March 29, 2023 by brennon

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great-looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...


...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.


Wargaming Terrain by hutch

Diving into this month's Community Spotlight, we have a look at the work of hutch who has been showing off some of the terrain they have been making over the last while. A nice selection of terrain have been painted up that could be used for a variety of different gaming genres.

Wargaming Terrain #1 by hutch

One of the first pieces of terrain is this rather tall structure! A big Lighthouse has been painted up recently and I love the look of both the red and the white here. This is a very striking-looking structure that would be brilliant to throw into the mix for a lot of Pulp adventures. A showdown should go down atop this structure!

Some more of the terrain that really caught my eye was this collection of Medieval buildings. These King & Country pieces have been designed to work with all manner of clashes throughout history but particularly the Medieval period.

Wargaming Terrain #2 by hutch

You could see these structures being put up across the land by wealthy landowners who are eager to show their appreciation to God and the King whilst trying to buy their way into heaven. The stonework here looks wonderful and I like the contrast between the dark roof pieces and the paler stones underneath.

You've also got this wonderful complex that might be a keep or a castle, nestled somewhere within a valley or perhaps in the heart of town.

Wargaming Terrain #3 by hutch

There is a lot more for you to dive into and have a peek at from hutch. They have been tinkering away on all sorts of terrain pieces including some that we've seen previously. This is a nice little repository of knowledge for those looking to do a bit of terrain painting. I think it would be good to dive in with these big stone edifices and use them for something World War II-ish!


Crusaders by scribbs

Next up, we're looking to the Medieval but with soldiers of God who are marching off to The Holy Land. These Crusader miniatures from Footsore Miniatures & Games are going to be used in The Barons' War as they head off to war.

Crusaders #1 by scribbs

I've always liked the Knights Hospitaller and I think these fellows have been painted up wonderfully by scribbs. I like the little dash of grey and blue in the black robes which help to highly them. I also have to give props to the designs etched onto the shields and the extra work on belts, chainmail and the like to help break up the schemes.

Crusaders #2 by scribbs

I think the very sandy desert landscape underneath their feet then works as a good way to highlight the miniatures and work as a frame to all of that black and grey. You always want to look to a base which compliments your miniatures and doesn't swallow them up!

It's not just the Knights Hospitaller that are on the march though. There are also some Pilgrims that went along with them and had to be protected on the road.

Crusaders #3 by scribbs

These are, again, brilliant and it's fun to see them getting added into the mix. I love the mix of different earthy tones in their outfits which speak to their particularly meagre living. They are armed with all manner of weapons they could get their hands on but I doubt they'd stand up to many a bandit. I'd love to see some protection-based scenarios played out where you have to hold back a pack of enterprising bandits but not in The Holy Land. It would be neat to see the dangerous path across Europe covered just as much!


Walking Dead Gas Station by collins

Last but not least, we're looking at something of a diorama/terrain piece by collins. They have been eagerly diving into the world of The Walking Dead and so recently built up an awesome Gas Station showcasing the deadly plight of Survivors who have to make a life for themselves in a Walker-filled world.

Walking Dead Gas Station #1 by collins

A lot of effort has gone into making this piece of terrain that really helps to tell a fun story. I love that you've got the very standard gas station that has then been built up and added to with the remains of passers-by. Clearly, the gas has been sucked dry and it looks like even the top of the gas station didn't prove too nice a place to call a refuge. One would imagine that fellow was one of the survivors who met a sticky end.

Walking Dead Gas Station #2 by collins

It's fun looking at the terrain from different angles and seeing all of the little things that draw the eye. I like the leftover supplies by the tents and the discarded kit that can be found in a few boxes here and there. You get the sense that this place isn't particularly safe and is more of a trap than anything!

Walking Dead Gas Station #3 by collins

There is a breakdown of how this all came together over on the project linked above. As well as some fun bits and pieces on the construction of the gas station, there are also some cool "graphic novel" style photos which give a fun look at what this might have been like when introduced into The Walking Dead series.

What Are You Painting Right Now?

Every week we’re absolutely blown away by the incredible topics that are put into the Projects, it’s getting more difficult to choose Community Spotlights! We love your work and we hope to see a lot more of it in the future!

If you fancy getting your hobby fingers out and showing off your newest paint job, terrain piece or even greatest gaming achievement, we want to know about it! We don’t mind if you’re a newcomer to painting or a veteran of the brush, everything you do inspires us to create more and more content together!

What do you think of the entries this week?

"What Are You Painting Now?"

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