Weekender: Fantasy World Creator Unboxing & Win YOUR Miremarsh Pledge

July 21, 2018 by dracs

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We have an awesome show for you today where we're going to be chatting with Room 17 Games about their Kickstarter for Miremarsh and offering up a chance for you to win your pledge!

Let's get stuck into the show and make sure to comment below when something catches your eye.


We have plenty for you to catch up on this week...

  • Age Of Sigmar VLOG - Catch up with what John has been doing Backstage as he brings the Stormcast Eternals to life
  • Infinity Week - Win some awesome goodies AND catch up on the new Operation Coldfront set from Corvus Belli
  • Kurage Campaign - The massive Infinity campaign from Corvus Belli comes to an end next week
  • The End Is Nigh - Make sure to join in and build some terrain this summer for our Terrain Challenge

...have you been catching up with all of our goings on?

Fantasy World Creator

We got a package of awesome tiles, standees and tokens from Gamestart Edition for their Fantasy World Creator Kickstarter so take some time to show off some of the designs, try out the re-writable surfaces and think about how we'd use them.


Let's take a peek at some of the news from this week...

...what caught your eye from this week in the news?

Miremarsh Chat With Room 17 + Win Your Pledge!

We sit down and delve into Miremarsh, a game of fantastic goblin backstabbing and adventure, with Room 17 Games.

The game is currently on Kickstarter and we're discussing the rules, the background of the game and a little more on how it plays.

As Justin says you can also WIN YOUR PLEDGE by commenting down below and backing the project PLUS we have a great Let's Play coming in the near future.


It's also time to check out three other projects which we think are worth exploring...

...which one of these projects would you back?

Competition Winner

As well as all of this we have an announcement for the winner of the Wild West 4Ground Terrain. Make sure to Claim Your Prize if you heard your name this week.

With that, we say goodbye for this week and we hope that you have a great weekend!

Happy Gaming!

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