Decorate The Post-Apocalypse With Mantic’s Terrain Crate

July 16, 2020 by brennon

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Mantic Games are going to be releasing their new wave of Terrain Crate options soon for those who are in search of ways to decorate your Post-Apocalyptic tabletops. These would, of course, be good matches for the likes of The Walking Dead, but you could use them across a range of games.

Terrain Crate Hospital - Mantic Games.jpg

Terrain Crate Hospital // Mantic Games

This new range of pre-coloured (still needs painting) plastic terrain is going to be broken down into a number of different themes which you'll see present in these images here. You will have access to terrain which will help you make Hospitals, Malls, Offices, Warehouses and Campsites.

Terrain Crate Mall - Mantic Games.jpg

Terrain Crate Mall // Mantic Games

As you can see, there is quite a lot of fun terrain here for you to play around with. As well as standard things like furniture you've also got fun little additions like the clothing racks, ATMs and in the case of the Hospital set, the operating shelf where samples have been taken from a terrifying zombie or two.

Terrain Crate Campsite - Mantic Games.jpg

Terrain Crate Campsite // Mantic Games

Pre-Orders for this range go live on Friday so you'll be able to pick up just what you need from the collection and add it to your terrain haul. I think this is a superb idea from Mantic Games and we've been constantly impressed by what they've done in the past when it comes to Terrain Crate. Their Fantasy options, in particular, are great for those setting up quick tabletops.

Terrain Crate Abandoned Factory - Mantic Games.jpg

Terrain Crate Abandoned Factory // Mantic Games

You could move away from using these kits for Post-Apocalyptic games and even use them for something Modern too. Since these kits reflect our real world, they would be a nice addition to games like Spectre Operations and such where you want things looking as realistic as possible.

Now, you just need to come up with cunning scenarios to match these different sets and use the terrain as much as possible.

What do you think?

" just need to come up with cunning scenarios to match these different sets and use the terrain as much as possible"

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