Grind Up Plenty O’ Corpses With New Necromunda Gangs

January 20, 2020 by brennon

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As well as the warbands making their way to Warcry, Games Workshop has also been working on bringing the gangs from Necromunda: Dark Uprising into the mix for those who missed out on that set. So, whilst not new, they are now widely available for those diving into some grimdark gang warfare.

Palanite Enforcers - Necromunda

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First up, you'll be able to crunch skulls underfoot and punish those who would battle against the rule of those upstairs with the Palanite Subjugator Patrol. This team comes heavily armoured and heavily armed, the definition of an elite force which you could throw into the mix during your games of Necromunda.

Lord Helmawr has seen fit to unleash these grim law enforcement officers on the Underhive and any gang who stands in their way is going to get fragged! I do really like this set and it's really nice to see that Games Workshop is finding new ways to expand on the world of Necromunda they resurrected for the modern tabletop.

"Grind Yer Bones!"

As well as the Palanite Enforcers you've also got their adversaries which appeared in Dark Uprising. Perhaps you fancy allying yourself to the Corpse Grinder Cult instead?

Corpse Grinder Cult - Necromunda

This band of brutal gangers consists of Skinners, Butchers and Cutters. Their weapons were used for cutting up corpses and now they have found other ways to employ them, carving through living flesh just as often as that of the dead. Who would have thought that having such a grim job in the Warhammer 40,000 universe would lead to you going a little bit mad?

I do really like the armoured and helmeted members of this gang but I'm not as sold on the fellows with the bare chests and (for want of a better word) face cages. Something about them seems a little off but perhaps that was the intention?

Terrain Options

If you're battling in the Underhive then you need plenty of terrain. Well, Games Workshop are going to be offering up more Zone Mortalis terrain for you to battle over with a selection of different sets.

Zone Mortalis Terrain - Necromunda

This is a pretty flexible set of terrain for you to play around with, making dark corridors or open industrial areas where you can toss your enemies into whirring machinery. Anything which adds more dynamism and verticality to your skirmish games gets a thumbs up from me.

So, are you tempted by Necromunda?

"Perhaps you fancy allying yourself to the Corpse Grinder Cult instead?"

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