Harvest The Dead With Forge World’s New Bounty Hunter

January 24, 2020 by brennon

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Forge World has expanded on the options for the Corpse Grinder Cult in Necromunda with a new character, the Outlaw Bounty Hunter known as the Eightfold Harvest Lord.

Eightfold Harvest Lord #1 - Forge World

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Here is some more of the background on this particular addition to the grimdark brutality of the Underhive...

"Even on a world as violent as Necromunda, the crimes of the Eightfold Harvest Lord have turned the stomachs of hardened Enforcers and jaded Guilders. Its arrival always precedes the spreading of starvation, madness and cannibalism throughout the underhive. Wrapped in fluttering strips of human skin, it advances on its prey, desperate to spill the blood of the living."

This fellow is a Bounty Hunter who can join the Corpse Grinder Cult, Chaos Helot or a Chaos Corrupted gang in the game. He comes armed with two heavy chain cleavers which will allow him to slice through as many foes as he likes and then add their body parts to his trophy rack.

Eightfold Harvest Lord #2 - Forge World

The Lord Of Skin & Sinew will have his due from those who do not believe in his way. I think the model is another triumph for the team who have been working on the additional characters for use in Necromunda and I can see a lot of people immediately snapping this up this weekend to include alongside their growing cult.

Are you tempted by this horrifying vision of brutality?

"Are you tempted by this horrifying vision of brutality?"

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