Hobbits & Ruffians Clash With New Forge World Releases

August 18, 2019 by brennon

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Forge World is keeping the realm of Middle-earth ticking over with the introduction of two new sets for you to pick up if you're a follower of Good or Evil. The Personalities Of The Shire range kicks off with Will Whitfoot & Baldo Tulpenny.

Will Whitfoot & Baldo Tulpenny - Forge World

Mining the lore for Tolkien's Middle-earth, the first of these miniatures is for the happy mayor of Hobbiton before the arrival of the big-folk from afar. Now, seeking to try and claim back the lands which were once his own, he brings his walking cane out ready to strike at anyone who threatens his beloved home.

Taking a different approach we also have Baldo Tulpenny who won big at the Buckleberry games. His stone-throwing abilities have now been turned to the scaring off of interlopers. He even carries some rope around with him to tie up Ruffians he is able to knock out.

Dastardly Ruffians

As well as the Hobbits we also have the Ruffian Leaders who are coming to lay down their own brand of law in The Shire.

Ruffian Leaders - Forge World

Some dastardly evil characters have been thrown into the mix here. The first of these is Rowan Thistlewood followed by the brutal Sid Briarthorn and the much more well known Bill Ferny. You might remember Bill Ferny because of his dealings with the Hobbits in Bree and of course the fact that Sam named their pony Bill to try and get some good from the man in the end.

All of these ruffians carry manacles, ready for chaining up Hobbits and putting them to work.

What do you think of these new offerings from Forge World?

"You might remember Bill Ferny because of his dealings with the Hobbits in Bree..."

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