The Looncurse Descends On Age Of Sigmar Soon

April 29, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop has another Starter Set on the way for those delving into Age Of Sigmar. This time around they're developing a set which caters to those that love their Gloomspite Gitz and Slyvaneth forces. Check out Looncurse!

Looncurse - Age Of Sigmar

This is probably one of the sets that I have wanted the most. Not only does it include an awesomely characterful set of Gloomspite Gitz mounted atop their bouncing balls of death but also some amazing Slyvaneth miniatures which would be the perfect start to a new force.

Included within the set you're going to get the two small armies, cards and tokens as gaming aids, a book detailing the conflict and the core rules that you need in order to play.

Glowing Revenant

One of the coolest miniatures from the set is the new Arch Revenant for Sylvaneth forces.

Looncurse Arch Revenant - Age Of Sigmar

With almost spiritual wings glowing behind it this is an awesome new addition to the Slyvaneth. I love the mix between the natural and the spirit world, forged into this guardian of the verdant woodlands that sprawl across the Mortal Realms.

The only thing I don't like is the buckler/shield. I think that it looks a little at odds to the rest of the finer details on the miniature and would have preferred it to be thinner I think. Maybe that could easily be replaced by diving into your bitz box.

Bouncing Boss

As well as the Arch Revenant we also have the Loonboss On Giant Cave Squig.

Looncurse Boss On Squig - Age Of Sigmar

It's awesome to see that they're building on Destruction and Order in different ways here, giving us another look at the tales being told across the Mortal Realms. This particular set focuses the attention on the Realm Of Metal and Ayadah as the Gloomspite Gitz have invaded.

This set also comes with some of my favourite miniatures from the Age Of Sigmar range, the Kurnoth Hunters. If nothing else I'd love the set just for them and the Arch Revenant.

"This set also comes with some of my favourite miniatures from the Age Of Sigmar range, the Kurnoth Hunters..."

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