Firelock Games Release Blood & Plunder Solitaire Rules

May 8, 2020 by brennon

Firelock Games has now released a free PDF which comes with optional rules for playing games of Blood & Plunder by yourself! Solo Rules are in great demand right now and it's good to see so many companies coming up with ways for you to play your favourites games.

Blood & Plunder Solitaire - Firelock Games

The rules linked above require the original Blood & Plunder Book in order to play but it does give you a nice way to tinker around with the game and perhaps play out some scenarios you've not had a chance to do before. As with anything solo, there will be some quirky bits here and there but it looks like a solid set of mechanics to get you going.

Blood & Plunder Fighting #1 - Firelock Games

The world of Blood & Plunder is one which is ripe for storytelling and adventure, whether it's on the high seas or marauding across islands as you search for treasure. Because of these narrative cues and such, I think the game suits a solo experience as much as it does a competitive one.

-5eb517eb34d57--5eb517eb34d59Blood & Plunder Fighting #2 - Firelock Games.jpg

I also like that this allows you to play the game in a cooperative manner too. Instead of teaching someone the game by going up against them and potentially taking out their kneecaps (metaphorically of course), you could instead introduce them to the game mechanics side-by-side with you as you take on the enemy.

Will you be giving these solitaire rules a go?

"I also like that this allows you to play the game in a cooperative manner too..."

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