Footsore Miniatures Release New Kings For The Barons’ War

June 14, 2021 by brennon

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Footsore Miniatures & Games have expanded on their collection of miniatures and more for The Barons' War. There are four new Kings for you to snap up which come with both Mounted and Unmounted versions for use in your Historical skirmishes.

Robert The Bruce King Of Scots - Footsore Miniatures

Robert The Bruce, King Of Scots // Footsore Miniatures

All of the major players are involved as part of this latest set of releases. You've got Robert The Bruce marching to war alongside the likes of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd if you want to play as one of the countries battling against the supremacy of England during this period.

Llywelyn ap Gruffudd Prince Of Wales - Footsore Miniatures

Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Prince Of Wales // Footsore Miniatures

With Scotland and Wales catered for you've also got the King Of England! Edward I, also known as Longshanks, can also take to the field with his luscious locks and very well tamed beard.

Edward I Longshanks King Of England - Footsore Miniatures

Edward I "Longshanks", King Of England // Footsore Miniatures

It wouldn't be a clash for England and its surrounding countries without the interference of the French! So, Phillip II is also in the collection. I could see some French mercenaries being sent to fight alongside the likes of the Scottish and Welsh.

Philip II King Of France - Foostore Miniatures

Philip II, King Of France // Footsore Miniatures

All of these miniatures are scaled to 28mm and come in white metal. I do like a good chunky metal model and I think they hold the detail of these sculpts really well. Once again I'd say that Footsore Miniatures have been hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the historical range they produce.

New The Barons' War Campaign

As well as the new miniatures above, you'll also be able to pick up this campaign supplement for The Barons' War called A Most Ignoble Feud.

A Most Ignoble Feud - The Barons War

A Most Ignoble Feud // The Barons' War

Here is the fictional excerpt detailing the situation surrounding this campaign!

“And so, on the fifth day after the Feast of Saint Barnabas, in the thirteenth year of King John’s reign, did the ignoble scoundrel Gerard de Furnival, Lord of Hallamshire launch a most grievous assault upon the person of his master William de Warenne, the Earl of Surrey. During the melee, several of the Earl’s servants were maimed, and his prize destrier injured. In response, the king decreed that the Lord of Hallamshire be stripped of his possessions, and brought to heel.”

These scenarios are designed as an introduction to The Barons' War which grow in complexity as you go. There are sample forces included in the pack but you could very easily pick whichever miniatures you want to start this campaign.

The three scenarios are...

  • The Ambush: One noble is cruelly ambushed while riding across a remote or isolated part of their domains. (500pts)
  • Burying The Hatchet: Hoping to nip this escalating conflict in the bud, both nobles agree to a pitched battle. (750pts)
  • The Bad Neighbour: The tide has turned in favour of one noble, with their rival penned up in a castle, under bombardment from a massive trebuchet. A well-timed sally could change the course of the conflict, or bring it to an untimely conclusion. (1000pts)

As well as producing three scenarios for you to play through separately from each other, you can also link them together and track the condition of your Nobles between fights. Maybe they'll take injuries throughout these skirmishes?

With a new campaign and new miniatures to snap up, it seems like a great time to dive into The Barons' War.

" seems like a great time to dive into The Barons' War"

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