Monkeys With Guns + New Sculpts For Blood & Plunder Arrive Onshore

September 26, 2017 by brennon

Don't worry. The world of Blood & Plunder hasn't changed to a Fantasy one. They have just shown off the renders for their very funny objective marker, Honduras, who was created during their Kickstarter campaign for No Peace Beyond The Line.

Honduras #1

The model started out as a joke between the Firelock Games guys and some of the backers but soon became a reality. This fellow can be used in some of your games as an objective marker and is actually based on a real Mayan Howler Monkey God statue from Copan.

Honduras #2

You can still get your hands on the model, which will never be available for retail, by heading over and joining in on their Late Pledges offer which you can find HERE.

Sailors Of Renown

As well as the model above we also got a look at some more of the renders for the characters and troops that are being brought to life by the No Peace Beyond The Line Kickstarter.


For example, you can get your hands on these swashbucklers above as part of the Kickstarter. I particularly like Juan Corso, in the act of drawing his sword and rushing towards the fighting.

The crack of muskets can also be heard on the shore as the Europeans get themselves some long-range firepower to bring into play.

European Musketeers

While I'm a big fan of the idea of proper sword fights and close quarters action I think the idea of plenty of black powder being thrown into the mix is also a rather awesome idea too. It creates quite the image in your head imagining the clouds of smoke and battle cries sounding as factions clash.

Did you back their Kickstarter?

"I particularly like Juan Corso, in the act of drawing his sword and rushing towards the fighting..."

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