Corvus Belli Drop New Infinity: Operation Blackwind Trailer

July 22, 2022 by brennon

We knew a new Battle Pack was coming for Infinity and Corvus Belli has now dropped an ace new trailer showcasing the factions and miniatures involved! Get a peek at what's going to be inside the new CodeOne Operation Blackwind set.

[Operation Blackwind] Trailer // Infinity

The new Battle Pack is called Operation Blackwind and features two factions, the ALEPH and the Haqqislam. This new CodeOne set is going to be available to order soon and from 26th July - 8th August, you'll be able to get your hands on exclusive miniatures and special deals.

Operation Blackwind Box - Infinity

Operation Blackwind Box // Infinity

Here is what you expect to pick up soon when Operation Blackwind becomes available to pre-order...


Gen Con Bundle // Infinity

So, not only will be able to get your hands on the new Operation Blackwind set and all of its associated miniatures but also the Pandora miniature, a new Dire Foes pack AND the Helen Of Troy limited edition miniature.

I love that they are leaning more and more into the "legendary" figures being brought back to life by ALEPH's technology. You've got Helen Of Troy who is clearly not going to cause any trouble and Pandora with her famous box. I'm sure that is totally safe and not at all terrifying.

Are you psyched to pick up the new CodeOne set when it becomes available to pre-order next weekend?

"...and Pandora with her famous box. I'm sure that is totally safe and not at all terrifying"

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