Last Sword Miniatures Bring New Elven Lords To Kickstarter

August 31, 2018 by brennon

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Last Sword Miniatures are on Kickstarter right now looking to bash through more stretch goals for their Elven Lords II: Dragon's Roar campaign. This is a new selection of Elven warriors and characters for you to use in your Fantasy games like 9th Age.

Elven Lords - Last Sword Miniatures

We will start with the characters from this campaign. You can see some of them painted above in some stunning non-metallic metal schemes.

Leading the way we have the mounted Elf Princess who is charging into battle atop her spirited steed.

Elf Princess - Last Sword Miniatures

Matching her we have one of my favourite characters from the range, the High Custode. The High Custodes reminds me of Eltharion from the fiction of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I love the idea of a blind swordsman who is so dedicated to the art that he can kill by sound alone.

High Custode - Last Sword Miniatures

It isn't all martial types either as part of this Kickstarter as they also have a few spellcasters in the collection too. The Prime Draco looks like a warrior-wizard who can handle himself with a blade and also cast mighty spells, empowered by the spirit of the Dragon that runs through his veins.

Prime Draco - Last Sword Miniatures

All of the characters that you see here are going to be created in the plastic/resin that you see mentioned above. Last Sword has been working on miniatures for a while now so you can be somewhat assured of the quality of the product you'll be getting.

Elven Fighting Force

As well as the characters above you'll also be able to snap up a range of different models worthy of making up a warband within this Fantasy world. The Dragon Guard are the deadly warriors that fight at the heart of your force, bringing those massive halberds to bear against their enemies.

Dragon Guard - Last Sword Miniatures

Lead by the blind swordsman above we have the Albus Custodes. Whereas the Dragon Guard are the brutal heart of your force the Albus Custodes are the subtle knife that carves through the enemy with grace.

Albus Custodes - Last Sword Miniatures

It wouldn't be an Elven army without the addition of some Archers though, would it?

Elven Archers - Last Sword Miniatures

You will find there to be a LOT more on their Kickstarter. Make sure to check it out and delve deeper into their options for both units and heroes with which to build your army.

Will you be taking a look at this in more detail?

"...delve deeper into their options for both units and heroes with which to build your army"

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