Last Sword’s Elven Warriors Protect Their Queen On Kickstarter

February 12, 2020 by brennon

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Last Sword Miniatures is now on Kickstarter with another selection of miniatures for their Elven Lords range. This time they are focusing on the protection of their noble Queen with a new band of warriors and characters.

Elven Lords The Queens Duty - Last Sword

The core of this Kickstarter revolves around some new troops who are fashioned as the guard of the Queen. This means we have some cool looking new Shieldmaiden Archers...

Shieldmaidens - Last Sword

...and some Shieldmaidens With Spears. These patrols come in smaller packs and stand at around 32mm in scale. This means that they would work rather well if you're looking to build up a smaller skirmishing force, perhaps for a game like Kings Of War: Vanguard, but you could also use them in a myriad of other games.

Shieldmaidens With Spears - Last Sword

As with a lot of the Last Sword range, these troops are looking very fancy and are packed with detail when cast in resin. I like that there is plenty of the Old World in these miniatures, bringing to mind thoughts of the High Elves from Warhammer but also a tinge of the new too. You could easily find these dropped into Age Of Sigmar too I reckon.

UPDATE: As well as being useful for those systems the team has also been collaborating with The 9th Age project and these models have been designed so they work with the Highborn Elves. You can actually check out downloads for both the Core Rules and the Highborn Elves to see if you'd like to snap these up for that mass battle game. Thanks to @switzhobbies for updating on this fact we missed!

Acting as a mighty host with which to run down your enemies you also have the Swan Knights. With banner poles which make them look like Fantasy Hussars they are shown in a galloping pose, crashing towards your enemy.

Swan Knights - Last Sword

I really don't like painting cavalry, which is why I've collected Dwarves for so long, but I could see these being a lot of fun to work on, especially with all of their glittering armour. This would be a pretty deadly option to include in your force.

Special Characters

If you're looking for some new characters to form the core of your force then you might want to go with the Everqueen who takes centre stage with this Kickstarter.

The Everqueen - Last Sword

She looks powerful and forthright, calling on the elements and winds of magic to destroy her foes. I love that she's got armour which is not only crafted from metal but also something more natural too. If you were focusing on Warhammer Fantasy then you could imagine her being the bridge between the High and Wood Elf realms.

She can also be protected by other heroes like The Dragon Archmage who has called upon power from the beyond and his draconian kin in order to unleash a special brand of magic on his foes.

The Dragon Archmage - Last Sword

I love the pose once again, being lifted up off the floor on a column of fire as the dragon threatens to breathe on its foes. Even the book is on fire as the magic surges through this particular character.

Perhaps much like with other worlds there might be a need for there to be multiple mages within a force that are able to draw on magic from the ether together to cast bigger spells. That is where The Sorcerers Council comes in.

The Sorcerers Council - Last Sword

I like that Elven Mages within this world can wear armour as they are so innately able to draw on magic and cast it at will. You could use these options dotted around your army as a way to show off your magical prowess.

As I've played Dwarfs (Dwarves) pretty much exclusively throughout my time on the tabletop I have been bereft of much magic. So, it would be rather fun to have a whole bunch of mages instead who are going to do all sorts of fancy things during their turn. Fireballs ahoy!

So, are you tempted to dive in and pick up some of these new resin miniatures for use in Fantasy games?

"She looks powerful and forthright, calling on the elements and winds of magic to destroy her foes..."

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