The Quirky Monty Python’s Roleplaying Game Hits Kickstarter

October 20, 2022 by brennon

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Exalted Funeral and Crowbar Creative are now on Kickstarter with the rather silly and quirky-sounding Monty Python's Roleplaying Game. Oh, sorry, it shouldn't be a roleplaying game. It's a "Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme". Gotcha.

Monty Python Roleplaying Game - Exalted Funeral

Monty Python's Roleplaying Game Kickstarter // Exalted Funeral

At the heart of this campaign is the funding of a big ol' rulebook for playing out strange Monty Python-related adventures on the tabletop. The system has been designed to be rules-lite and uses the full complement of polyhedral dice (with a few quirks) based on Traits and also a sliding scale of Serious and Silly. It's all...yep, silly.

Middle Class Edition - Monty Python RPG

Middle-Class Edition // Monty Python's Roleplaying Game

There are plenty of high highs and low lows in the game too with the addition of being able to Strewth (rolling the highest value on the die) or Spam (rolling the lowest value on the die). What's nice about this is that it changes the Trait between rolls. If you do well or terribly, the Trait goes up or down by one degree (the next highest or lowest die in order) meaning that there are some fun swings to be had in the heart of the action.

Public School Edition - Monty Python RPG

Public School Edition // Monty Python's Roleplaying Game

Demerits and Merits can also be given out by the roll of dice or the whims of the Head Of Light Entertainment. This individual takes on the role of the "Gamemaster" in a way although they have to roll on a table at the start of your session to see which persona they are going to be taking on. They might be merciful or downright horrible!

The Head Of Light Entertainment might also end up becoming an ex-Head Of Light Entertainment too. If that ever happens, you roll again to see who picks up the mess and carries the story forward. A neat way to take some of the weight off the shoulders of a storyteller.

The book also comes with guidance on running adventures, ready-to-play quests, character creation rules, a bestiary (with some fun Holy Grail foes), dramatis personae and tables for generating a whole lot of things. Oh, and they have gone to great lengths to talk about the amount of spam involved.

Fetchez la Vache!

As a bonus to the Kickstarter, there is also a backgammon-based mini-game that you can snap up. Who wouldn't want to play Fetchez la Vache?

Fetchez la Vache - Exalted Funeral

Fetchez la Vache // Exalted Funeral

The idea here is that two teams are racing to capture a cow in the middle of the field and get out. You have to do this whilst avoiding catapulted farm animals and the scathing insults of French captors. Oh, and the game also works as a functional backgammon board if you are into that kind of boring thing.

There are a fair few Add-Ons and Stretch Goals in the works as well so if you're interested in something utterly silly, this might be for you. With many roleplaying sessions turning into utter chaos most of the time, maybe adding some Monthy Python into the mix might serve folks quite well!

Could you be tempted to snap this up?

"With many roleplaying sessions turning into utter chaos most of the time, maybe adding some Monthy Python into the mix might serve folks quite well!"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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