Westfalia Kickstart The New Adventures Of Siegfried

April 16, 2019 by brennon

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Westfalia Miniatures are now on Kickstarter looking to fund a collection of miniatures for The Adventures Of Siegfried!

The Adventures Of Siegfried - Westfalia Miniatures

The set comes with the three adventurers that you see above, Siegfried, Alberich and Volker. Based on the old Germanic mythology and folklore surrounding the hero but with an extra Fantastical twist, this could make for a good band of adventurers to take into games like Thud & Blunder for example.

I love the idea of playing smaller scale skirmish games where the focus is on a tiny band of named characters doing something akin to a role-playing game. The big foe in the set is the fellow on the left, Hagen Von Tronje but there's also this monstrous Vogelbär too!

Vogelbaer #1 - Westfalia Miniatures

This mighty alternative to an Owlbear looks like just the kind of creature you'd throw into the mix as a wandering monster during your games or role-playing sessions. Standing a whole head and shoulders above most other 28mm miniatures this hulking beast is set to defend its home and chase off interlopers.

Vogelbaer #2 - Westfalia Miniatures

It even has wings which might enable it to get a little bit of air before it brings down those flashing claws on your poor hapless adventurer. I think this is a fun new addition to the mix for Fantasy players and it's only running for a week.

Will you be getting in on this?

"...there's also this monstrous Vogelbär too!"

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