Grab KoW Vanguard Late Pledges & Check Out Exclusive Frost Giant Preview!

January 29, 2018 by brennon

Mantic Games have now announced their Late Pledges option for Kings Of War: Vanguard, which was on Kickstarter last year. You can use this link HERE to go and get involved if you missed out last time. It will close February 28th, 2018.

Frost Giant #1 - KoW Vanguard

Oh yeah, and we also got this exclusive look at one of the big miniatures coming your way as part of the campaign, the Frost Giant!

Frost Giant #2 - KoW Vanguard

This monstrous creature, of course, can be used beyond Vanguard for your Kings Of War armies, but within the game itself might form the focus of an awesome monster hunt scenario perhaps. The kit will be a plastic Giant as the base and then you will be able to get resin parts to turn it into a Frost Giant.

Frost Giant #3 - KoW Vanguard

He stands at a staggering 180mm tall which is quite something. I do enjoy a good Giant so it's nice to see one making it to the tabletop from the folks at Mantic Games.

Kings Of War: Vanguard

To give you the low down on Vanguard, here's what the game is all about...

Vanguard - Mantic

Late Pledges Form

"Vanguard recreates cinematic, brutal skirmishes between small warbands of handpicked fighters who can develop new abilities and skills. Players carefully select their squad of characters then fight it out to complete life or death missions - that can help turn the tide in the battle to come!

These can be played as one-off narrative missions between elite fighting forces, but Vanguard is also fully compatible with larger games of Kings of War. By linking battles in Vanguard to the mass battles, thanks to the innovative interlinked campaign system, victory in Vanguard grants access to better magical artefacts, new units or even the chance to deploy in better positions. Meanwhile, defeat could force units to arrive late or deployment options will be hampered."

You can try out an early version of the rules HERE featuring rules for warbands like Dwarfs, Goblins, Forces of the Abyss and Undead.

What do you make of the mighty Frost Giant?

"He stands at a staggering 180mm tall..."

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