Mantic Games Add A Giant & Northern Warriors To Their Vanguard Kickstarter

November 15, 2017 by brennon

With the final few days coming up for the Kings Of War: Vanguard Kickstarter by Mantic Games I thought I'd dip in and show off the awesome artwork for some of their stretch goals including this awesome Giant!

Vanguard Giant

Now that should hopefully turn out to be quite the awesome monster to throw into the mix. Imagine a Vanguard scenario that was based on you having to take this thing down? I always love a little bit of monster hunting on the tabletop.

However, the big news following on from that was the announcement of the Northern Alliance Warband.

Northern Warriors

Leading the way for this warband we have the Thegn who looks like he's going to be getting involved with some serious raiding opportunities.

Northern Alliance Warband Thegn

He will then be backed up by his stalwart Huscarls who look like they've got their hands on some cool magic weapons. I love the idea of embracing the ice theme across the force as a whole and adding it to their weapons and armour.

Northern Alliance Warband Huscal

It wouldn't be a Fantasy warband without some magic thrown into the mix and that's where the Ice Witch comes in.

Northern Alliance Warband Ice Witch

You could imagine her being a bit of a soothsayer, guiding the actions of these warriors as they come raiding down from the mountains and the tundra.

Another cool aspect of the Northern Alliance is that it draws in different races to fight for the same cause. For example, we have the Ice Naiads...

Northern Alliance Warband Ice Naiad

...and the Ice Kin Hunters. We get an awesome mix of both male and female miniatures within this set it seems and of course, the different races, spicing up the painting as you get to work on getting them ready for battle.

Northern Alliance Warband Ice Kin Hunter

I really like the look of the Half-Elf Berserkers personally. I think they look utterly awesome and would be fantastic to paint with their pale white hair and tattooed skin. Hopefully, we get them in some rage-filled poses.

Northern Alliance Warband Half-Elf Berserker

Last but not least we have a big guy to throw into the mix with their Snow Troll.

Northern Alliance Warband Snow Troll

It seems like you're going to get some cool options for building a skirmishing force thanks to this set, and it's all going to be shiny and new. I really hope that Mantic Games are able to pull off the look of this warband and deliver on the resin sculpts with plenty of options for poses especially.

What do you make of this Northern Alliance?

"Another cool aspect of the Northern Alliance is that it draws in different races to fight for the same cause..."

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