Mantic Showcase The Warriors Of The Northern Alliance

August 10, 2019 by brennon

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So, one of the new factions available in the Starter Set for Kings Of War is the Northern Alliance and Mantic Games has now shared a peek at all of the different options available for you as part of this army soon. We start with the characters...

Lord - Mantic Games

At the head of your warband you'll find yourself being led by a Lord. This bearded warrior fights at the head of your army, charging headfirst into danger alongside his sworn warriors and bodyguards. I really like the sculpting for this army, especially with the fur and beard.

Following on from that, and telling stories of old heroes we also have the Skald.

Skald - Mantic Games

As an advisor to the Lords that fight at the head of the Northern Alliance, they are well-versed in tactics of warfare and will help keep your army on the right path. Keeping with the idea of leading characters we also have the Thegn On Frostfang which gives us our first look at the monsters that are tamed by the Northern Alliance.

Thegn On Frostfang - Mantic Games

This is the kind of thing we needed to see start to appear for the various factions in Kings Of War. Nice, unique creatures and monsters which help put a stamp on the game and say yes, this is the realm of Pannithor.

Core Troops Of The Northern Alliance

Following all of these characters into battle we have a mass of different infantry that will make up the bulk of your army. Let's take a look at the mass array of options...

Clansmen With Spears

Clansmen With Spears - Mantic Games

Half-Elf Berserkers

Half Elf Berserkers - Mantic Games

Ice Kin Hunters

Ice Kin Hunters - Mantic Games

Ice Naiads

Ice Naiads - Mantic Games

This is just a selection of the different options available to you. I really like that the standard human barbarians that we see in Fantasy lore have also been joined by some more fantastical races like the Ice Naiads and Half-Elves. It seems like a cool idea that these different races joined forces together in order to defend themselves against a more deadly foe.

Monsters & Beasts

Rushing alongside these mass ranks of troops we also have some wild creatures and monsters.

Snow Foxes

Snow Foxes - Mantic Games

Tundra Wolves

Tundra Wolves - Mantic Games

Snow Troll Prime

Snow Troll Prime - Mantic Games

Snow Trolls

Snow Trolls - Mantic Games

I really like the look of those Snow Trolls and the Prime version who leads them. I would most certainly do a full-on monster army with them at the helm. The Wolves and Foxes are also really nice additions into the mix and go back to what I was saying where the Northern Alliance has managed to train these creatures to fight against them.

Artillery Fire

Finally, we have a look at a piece of artillery which will be sending big bolts flying towards the enemy. Check out the Ice Kin Bolt Thrower which might be good at taking down those larger creatures now available in Kings Of War.

Ice Kin Bolt Thrower - Mantic Games

So, that's quite a lot of awesome looking additions for the Northern Alliance in Kings Of War. Are you going to choose them as your primary army?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Are you going to choose them as your primary army?"

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