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June 4, 2015 by brennon

Mantic Games have been running their own themed week over on their Blog focused in on Kings of War and its 2nd Edition rules. As well as a very cool Mantic Insider (which you can view above) they delved into the background of the rulebook and gave some hints for the future...

2nd Edition Rules

The new rulebook is going to be coming towards the end of the Summer around July/August and will be a lovely hard back tome filled with all the background and rules you could want for the world of Mantica.

Kings of War 2nd Edition

Of course in true Mantic style there will also be a free version of the rules for people to download and give the game a go AND a Gamers Edition of the book which condenses all the goodness down into a more rules focused book doing away with the fluff. This will be the book present in the new Dwarfs Vs Undead Starter Set.

Global Campaigns

As well as the rules Mantic also promised that they'd be running a global campaign and that is most definitely in the works. You can see the work-in-progress cover art for this book below...

Global Campaign (Art)

"The campaign will feature the Abyssals and the Undead (led by Mortibris from Dungeon Saga) vs. an alliance of Elves, Basileans and Dwarfs. We will set up a web site and app to support this, launching with the release of the Abyssals around October."

What's even more impressive is that this will all help to shape the world of Mantica and the map itself will be changed due to the outcome of these battles.

Ogres On The Horizon

Models are also a huge part of the Kings of War experience and their new army for the Abyssals is looking superb. However there are plans for other forces in the range with Abyssal Dwarfs and Elves first followed by Dwarfs and Undead later down the line. Ogres and Orcs aren't to be left out as you'll see below...

Ogre (Concept Renders)

...while the forces of the Abyss, the Basileans and finally the Goblins will see more of an updated after all of the other forces. The focus is going to be on giving the game the long term appeal it deserves.

Will you be picking up a Kings of War army?

"...this will all help to shape the world of Mantica and the map itself will be changed due to the outcome of these battles."

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