Mantic’s Miniatures Give Us A Peek At The Secretive League

August 5, 2019 by brennon

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Mantic Games were at Gen Con this year showing off what's coming for the future of dungeon delving within the world of Kings Of War. The League has been secretively teased in all sorts of ways but new miniatures popped up showing off what we have coming our way.

The League Miniatures #1 - Mantic Games

Seemingly known as The League Of Infamy, this new band of 'heroes' will be the villains and miscreants from the world of Pannithor. You will be going up against the good guys like Elves, Humans and Dwarves, turning the table on the traditional dungeon delve.

The League Miniatures #2 - Mantic Games

The amazing sculpting quality that we're seeing here really builds on the classic sculpts from Mantic Games but with new and improved techniques. Honestly, these are some fantastic looking miniatures and way better than what used to make up the core of their armies.

The League Miniatures #3 - Mantic Games

Playing as the bad guys is always fun and we're looking forward to hearing more about what they have planned for this. Mantic has been able to keep Ronnie very quiet about this one which is a feat in of itself!

The best thing about this is that as well as being used with this game there will be a use for them as heroes in the roleplaying game, Kings Of War itself and of course Vanguard, their skirmish game.

Are you liking the new style of sculpt?

"Are you liking the new style of sculpt?"

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