Take A Closer Look At The Shambling Empire Of Dust For Kings Of War

June 30, 2016 by brennon

Mantic Games have shared some more up-close images of the Empire of Dust, also known as the Ahmunites who are coming for Kings of War. We saw a sneak peek of these last week and now you get to stand amongst the ranks of the dead...

Empire of Dust

I do like the scarab blue colour although I think that it could have done with another spot colour to brighten them up.


Inside this army you're going to be getting some standard rank and file which is great as well as some special surprises to give the army its edge and keep it within the theme of ancient Egypt.

Infantry With Spears

Infantry With Spears (Alt)

As well as Infantry with spears and HUGE shields, possibly the coolest thing about those soldiers, we also get to see some of their warriors bringing bow and arrow to the battlefield. Take a look at the archers.


Additionally if you want to smash aside your foes with more brutality then you could also team up alongside their infantry bringing some great weapons into the fray.

Infantry With Great Weapons

One set of miniatures that we did know about from previous releases was the Mummies which you can see below swathed in bandages.


These are some seriously warped and battered looking undead with a few spot pieces from the kits that separate them from the other undead in the range and giving them that Egyptian vibe.

Monstrous Warriors & Screaming Skulls

As well as the regular foot troops they also showed off some larger models like the ones you see below which appear to be heroes in their own right, each of them looking a little bigger than the regular soldiers. I like the spellcaster in the centre and the warrior standing to his right.

Large Models

Protecting them as they battle alongside the long dead we also have these hulking warriors.

Large Models (Alt)

Here they are with big two handed weapons, and they're looking awesome. You can also arm these fellows with ranged weapons if you prefer too according to some of the images over on social media.

Last but not least we have the Catapults which will be raining down fire upon the enemy and making them quake in their boots at each magically aided shot that lands within their ranks.


Overall a very cool looking army but is it one that could have done with a different lick of paint? The bone and blue is looking neat but as I mentioned earlier I think another spot colour could bring them to life (so to speak).

What do you think?

"Protecting them as they battle alongside the long dead we also have these hulking warriors..."

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