Snap Up Batman’s Rogues Gallery With Knight Models This Month

November 23, 2022 by brennon

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Knight Models is in the midst of a Black Friday Sale covering a variety of kits from different games. But, there are also some new packs for you to snap up specifically around the Batman Miniature Game. We start with a proper rogues gallery of options.

Arkham Asylum Super Villains - Knight Models

Arkham Asylum Super Villains // Knight Models

You can now pick up the Arkham Asylum Super Villains pack which comes with a whole host of well-known villains from the Batman universe. All of them have that Arkham Asylum vibe which will be grand for those who are fans of the video game series (which is pretty darn good!).

The set comes with The Joker, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Two-Face and Scarecrow. All of which could be a real terror to end up dealing with if you yourself got locked behind the gates of Arkham with them.

A couple of other Arkham inmates have also made it into this month's selection of releases with Bane leaping into the mix all hopped up on Titan.

Bane Titan Overdrive - Knight Models

Bane (Titan Overdrive) // Knight Models

Smash your way through walls and cause all kinds of havoc with Bane. Batman won't want to break his back trying to deal with this fellow. I like the idea of involving Bane in a proper interactive scenario where he can destroy scenery, burst through walls, toss things (and people) around and generally cause a nuisance.

Getting stuck into the "big guys", we also have the fearsome Killer Croc who swims through the sewers of Arkham Asylum.

Killer Croc Arkham Asylum - Knight Models

Killer Croc Arkham Asylum // Knight Models

Again, you could do a proper interactive scenario with this fellow which matches the video game. Have different floating platforms randomly rolled for as Batman runs across them? Each time, Killer Croc could be stirred from his rest and end up engaging with the caped crusader!

The Joker isn't to be outdone when it comes to being buff. You can also get your hands on The Joker (Titan Overdrive) miniature and use him as a proper end-game-style boss during your scuffles on the tabletop.

The Joker Titan Overdrive - Knight Models

The Joker (Titan Overdrive) // Knight Models

You could perhaps run him alongside some of the poor unfortunate souls that The Joker has infected with his laughing gas. Have The Joker stomping around causing all kinds of chaos whilst Batman and his companions have to subdue the population and deal with his antics at the same time.

Grab Two New Batman

As well as the villains, we also have a couple of Batman miniatures. The first of these is Batman (The Cult).

Batman The Cult - Knight Models

Batman (The Cult) // Knight Models

This features Batman as shown on the cover of The Cult miniseries. In this series, Deacon Blackfire has brainwashed Batman and even when freed from the cult, ends up stuck in a version of Gotham which is on the brink of utter ruin. Politicians are being assassinated, Commissioner Gordon is put in the hospital and martial law gets declared in Gotham. You'll have a really desperate fight on your hands with this one.

Whilst this miniature for Batman matches The Cult series, I do think he would be good for any desperate Batman that finds himself surrounded by foes. I could see this representing the version of Batman from Arkham Asylum as an example, where his suit and gear slowly get more worn and battered as the game goes on.

As well as that version of Batman, you can also pick up the most recent actor to put on the cowl with Robert Pattinson's Batman On Motorcycle.

Batman On Bike - Knight Models

Batman On Bike // Knight Models

So, if you're looking to do a proper chase through the streets of Gotham with Batman then this could be a fun kit to pick up. The look and feel of the new "The Batman" suit certainly got my attention and I think they've done a great job getting the likeness on point here.

Could you be tempted by some of Batman's foes or perhaps Batman himself?

"You can also get your hands on The Joker (Titan Overdrive) miniature and use him as a proper end-game-style boss during your scuffles on the tabletop..."

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