Superman & Foes Blast Into Knight Model’s DC Universe Game

September 18, 2019 by brennon

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Knight Models have a massive haul of new releases dropping this month for both the Batman Miniatures Game and the DC Universe Miniatures Game. We're going to start with the wider DC world as we take a peek at their new Superman model, blasting his way into the sky.

Superman - Knight Models

This take on Superman sees him rocketing up into the sky through a burning Daily Planet icon. This seems like it would be a pretty perfect diorama piece but certainly not something that you'd use for gaming. There are already a fair few variants of Superman out there for you to use for that in their collection and this seems much more like a mantlepiece adornment.

Following on from that we have this different take on Superman with Cyborg Superman & Mongul here. I must admit I don't really know who Mongul is but it's cool to see an alternative Superman in the mix.

Cyborg Superman - Knight Models

Things then get a little bit weird with the change into Eradicator which is another of the new releases from Knight Models which has Superman plastered all over it.

Eradicator - Knight Models

Once again, I had to look some things up about this fellow but he is a villain who clones the body of a dead Superman and brings his own brand of vengeance and destruction to us poor fools on Earth. I think it would be rather awesome to see Eradicator go up against Superman on the tabletop, blasting each other to bits as they battle through an entirely abandoned and conveniently placed industrial complex.

A Forum Of Foes

As well as those iterations of Superman and his foes we also have a big collection of bad guys, the Legion Of Doom, which can be snapped up from Knight Models this month.

Legion Of Doom - Knight Models

This set comes with new models and a few tweaks on existing ones too. You have the dangerous Lex Luthor looking exceptionally dapper alongside The Joke and villains worthy of battling Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Lantern.

This is built on even further with the Lex Corp Army which is suited to those who want to concentrate on bringing Superman down!

Lex Corp Army - Knight Models

I love the idea that the meek-looking Lex Luthor eventually clad himself in armour so that he could go toe to toe with Superman. I didn't really know he'd done this until I saw the DC fighting game, Injustice, being played.

You can also take things to the next level against Superman with the introduction of Doomsday into the mix.

Doomsday - Knight Models

I have to say, even if you don't end up picking the miniatures up you have to give props to Knight Models for the cool miniature photography they use to show off the range!

Robin(s) & Watchmen

As we focus in on Batman for the next set of releases we have the introduction of a new Robin for Batman to battle alongside, Jason Todd.

Robin Jason Todd - Knight Models

If anyone is familiar with the story surrounding Jason Todd then you'll know that it doesn't end well. Maybe you'll find yourself playing out the story surrounding his fall or perhaps try and tell a different story within the Batman mythos?

Finally, we have The Watchmen set which was previewed by Knight Models a few weeks ago. This collection gets you the whole gang plus Doctor Manhatten who was absent in previous versions.

The Watchmen - Knight Models

I'm not entirely sold that this set would be any good for gameplay purposes but it would be neat to see them on someone's mantlepiece as display pieces, especially if you could bring them together into a diorama.

So, that's the host of releases this month from Knight Models!

" have to give props to Knight Models for the cool miniature photography they use to show off the range! "

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