The White Council & Radagast On Eagle Spotted For The Hobbit

January 19, 2015 by brennon

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You heard the news that The White Council & Radagast on Eagle were coming and a lot of Middle-Earth fans love that Games Workshop haven't totally given up on The Hobbit as a franchise. Well, a preview of what's coming to pre-order hit the internet HERE...

Radagast the Brown

First up is Radagast the Brown on his Great Eagle that he's ridden to the battlefield outside Erebor alongside Beorn too. If you've seen the movie you might still be sad that they weren't on screen for very long but needless to say you have him on the tabletop.

Radagast is presented with his legs around the Eagles neck and he's holding on tight to both his hat and the Eagles feathers. It's nothing too special but it certainly fills in the section from the Battle of Fives Armies supplement.

The White Council

The films version of The White Council is also getting a new boxed set. In this set you get Elrond in full armour ready to strike out with his sword and while he looks like he's dashing forward it could be mistaken for tripping up on himself.

Next up is Galadriel in her "I'm rather annoyed" get-up. She looks like some wild Elf spirit from the woodlands and while certainly quite cool looking in the sculpt of her outfit she doesn't quite look as dominating or indeed serene as her past incarnations have been. You can get versions of Galadriel in metal from the old Lord of the Rings range that look better.

Last but not least is Saruman who was utterly bad ass in the film. He's presented swirling round with his staff in hand but the paint job does nothing to add to the action or sense of motion. It looks like a WizKids figure in all actuality. Sadly the angle is a bit iffy so you can't really make out the full sculpt but hopefully it's just the paint jobs hurting the way they look.

We'll no doubt see some better images towards the end of the week and Friday will be pre-order day. So, if you are holding out for more from The Hobbit there's plenty to look out for.

Bring on Ram Cavalry, weird Feral Orcs and more from Battle of the Five Armies.

What do you think of them?

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"Radagast is presented with his legs around the Eagles neck and he’s holding on tight to both his hat and the Eagles feathers"

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