Even More Malifaux Goodies Coming To Gen Con 2015!

July 14, 2015 by brennon

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Wyrd have shown off even more of the models coming out this year with a big focus on those that will be appearing at Gen Con for early release. With that in mind lets waste no time and dive in as there is quite a lot to check out...

Stories To Tell

The first set of miniatures we're going to look at are for these Story Encounter boxes which are used for Through The Breach and of course can also pop up in your proper games of Malifaux too. They give you a chance to play through a story featuring these characters...

The Crossroads Seven

Dark Carnival

I really like both of these boxes and think they have a lot of character to them. Combine this with the one we saw earlier filled with rats and you have a whole bunch of interesting tales to tell with your adventurers in the world of Malifaux.

So Many Gremlins...

Gremlins are also going to be everywhere it seems in many different guises at Gen Con. Not only do you have packs like Hog Wild, The Bushwhackers and Explosive Solutions but also a number of packs which give you additional models from those sets.

Hog Wild

The Bushwhackers

Wild Boars

Bayou Bushwhackers

I really like these next boxes, Explosive Solutions and their additional Lightning Bugs. It has something of the Discworld about it which I like and I love the idea of these Gremlins playing around with powers they don't understand.

Explosive Solutions

Lightning Bugs

The models are looking great and they don't appear to be that hard to put together either which is always a big plus for me when it comes to Malifaux.

Calm & Collected

Compared to the frantic nature of the Gremlins there is the additional models below for the Temple of the Dawn. I think this could well be one of the most popular sets; everyone loves the martial artists in Malifaux.

Temple of the Dawn

Monks of High River

Lone Swordsman

The Lone Swordsman in particular, which not particular animated is an awesome model and I like that he has a more patient and deadly appearance compared to the others.

Effigies Everywhere

Phew, are you keeping up? As well as all of that there are a bunch of new Effigies on the way which help boost your crew on the tabletop. Take a look at them all below and let us know which one is your favourite.

Mysterious Effigy

Hodgepoge Effigy

Carrion Effigy

Brutal Effigy

Arcane Effigy

I think my favourites would have to be the Carrion and Arcane Effigies. I think they have some of the coolest character to them and I do like the spellcasters from Malifaux.

A Rogues Gallery

Last but not least we also have a rogues gallery of different characters that are coming to Malifaux. All of these are smaller boxes featuring characters that can supplement your crew.

The Guilty

The Carver

Performers & Mannequin




The Carver is a pretty special looking model and I think that more than a few people have been eagerly awaiting the return of Abuela Ortega. She adds another member to this already powerful family and despite her steampowered wheelchair she is actually quite the force to be reckoned with.

So, what do you want from Gen Con?

"I really like these next boxes, Explosive Solutions and their additional Lightning Bugs. It has something of the Discworld about it..."

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