Take A Look At What’s Coming For Malifaux In August

July 21, 2017 by brennon

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Malifaux is getting some great new releases in August as well as, of course, what's coming to Gen Con this year too. Here's a look ahead to next month.


First, we have the Goryo from Wyrd Games who are the vengeful ghosts of Japanese mythology. They used to be from the aristocratic classes and usually those souls who had been martyred interestingly. They look exceptionally complicated to put together with all of those spirits flowing forth!

It would be cool to see someone explore painting these as well with very traditional paints for the model and then the bright and baleful spirits.

Next up we have someone decidedly more grounded with Amina Naidu.

Amina Naidu

She will be continuing to get the word out on what's coming to your town as the deadly forces mass in the shadows. I like the relaxed pose and while she doesn't look kitted out for a fight she probably has some very good rules to keep her in the action.

Next, we have as we return to a more Oriental theme with Sun Quiang.

Sun Quiang

If anyone has watched Big Trouble In Little China they might be getting some interesting vibes from this fellow. I think he's a bit more on the good side than evil though and I like his pose, contemplating his next move.

Last but not least we also have some Iconic Fate Cards which give you some stunning new designs to play with.

Iconic Fate Deck

Now that is some wonderful artwork and I like the style of the numbering and lettering too. The backs of the cards also feature some wonderful spiral work which really ties things into the idea of the fates.

Will you be picking up some Malifaux in August?

"They used to be from the aristocratic classes and usually those souls who had been martyred interestingly..."

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