Wyrd Awaken The Ancient Evil Horomatangi

May 1, 2018 by dracs

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Horomatangi, an ancient Titan from Malifaux, has been awakened by Wyrd Games to wreak havoc on The Other Side.


Horomatangi was once a mighty wielder of magic that held dominion over many of the Gibbering Horde. It came to Earth in the 1500s, where it lost its magic, seeking to reclaim it by terrorizing the people of New Zealand.

Horomatangi was eventually defeated, and lay dormant beneath the sea. It has since been awoken by the magic of the Burning Man and will soon come to The Other Side as a commander for either the Gibbering Horde and The Cult of the Burning Man.

Do you like the look of this fearsome monster?

"A mighty wielder of magic that held dominion over the Gibbering Horde..."

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