Wyrd Preview The Dreamer’s Crew For Malifaux Third Edition

January 10, 2019 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has been previewing one of the crews that will be coming to Malifaux Third Edition. It looks like The Dreamer has grown up with this new iteration of him for this brilliant skirmish game.

The Dreamer - Malifaux

The Dreamer has now become a teenager and an angry one at that. As you can see he is still playing with the nightmares from the beyond and calling them to his side so that he might enact his strange and eerie plans. The monstrous Lord Chompy Bits is still on hand to protect him...

Lord Chompy Bits - Malifaux

...alongside a whole host of other creatures like the Alps you can see below. The creatures are looking awesome right now and knowing Wyrd they're going to be even more awesome in the flesh. As per Wyrd's mandate, I'm sure there will be some fiddly miniatures to put together too! They have said that they are making the game a little more accessible now though which can only be a good thing.

Alps - Malifaux

As well as those Alps The Dreamer can also call on the power of the very Lovecraftian looking Coppelius here too. This is a superbly eerie set of previews and I can't wait to see what they do for the Guild as they were my preferred faction in the game back at the start of Second Edition.

Coppelius - Malifaux

To round things off, here is a look at the full artwork for the various characters and creatures presented above, giving you an idea of how you might approach painting them!

Dreamer's Crew - Malifaux

As I said above, I love what they're doing with Malifaux here. They appear to be pushing it on a few paces when it comes to the storytelling and the timeline and yet keeping things familiar for those that are still involved with the game.

It will be great to see how the other Crews come out. I'm excited to see what crazy stuff they do with the Arcanists too.

Will you be giving the new edition of Malifaux a go?

"The Dreamer has now become a teenager and an angry one at that..."

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