Wyrd Games Get Set For A Big Malifaux Haul In December

December 10, 2020 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has been showing off the mass of new releases which are capping off the strange year that was 2020. Loads of new Core Boxes are on the way for a bunch of the gangs in Malifaux plus a few creatures and characters you can call on.

Lord Cooper Core Box - Malifaux

Lord Cooper Core Box // Malifaux

The first of these is the Lord Cooper set which comes with a bunch of excellent looking miniatures which reinforce just what a unique and different game Malifaux is. This is one of the first wave of Explorer's Society sets which is coming out showing this mysterious group of individuals who spend their time venturing forth into the unknown.

If you want to bring forth a devilish set of characters for Lord Cooper to go up against then you've also got the core set for Nekima here too.

Nekima Core Box - Malifaux

Nekima Core Box // Malifaux

I always like seeing this seriously weird and monstrous side of Malifaux as much as the quirky. These winged creatures will be a lot of fun to paint and play with I reckon. I love that Nekima has been able to marshal all of these demonic creatures to serve under her.

We finish with the core boxes with the addition of the Yan Lo who add an Eastern influence to the world of Malifaux.

Yan Lo Core Box - Malifaux

Yan Lo Core Box // Malifaux

Izamu The Armour looks excellent from this set and I love the cutthroat look to the Gokudo too. If you're looking for another set which is very different then this could be something worth tackling! I still think it would be nice to see more of these miniatures painted up by the team at Wyrd but they look good all the same.

Additional Malifaux Sets

We return to The Explorer's Society with On The Hunt which provides you with a bunch of semi-cutthroat looking wildmen.

On The Hunt - Malifaux

On The Hunt // Malifaux

There is a nice mix here which carry over that Steampunk feel that pervades Malifaux whilst twisting in the Fantasy too. The Vatagi Huntsmen, in particular, have quite a nice selection of different looks.

As well as those hunters we also have a bunch of ace looking sets which can be used to boost each of your gangs...

Keeping The Peace - Malifaux

Keeping The Peace // Malifaux

Deadly Performance - Malifaux

Deadly Performance // Malifaux

Blood Brood - Malifaux

Blood Brood // Malifaux

This seems like a nice mix of miniatures which explore the wealth of options available to Malifaux players. Whether you are in the mood to paint something large or small, there is a miniature for you here it seems. I am still very much enamoured by The Explorer's Society in particular!

Are you going to be checking out this set of December releases?

"Are you going to be checking out this set of December releases?"

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