Wyrd Games Introduce A Spindly New Malifaux Master

October 22, 2020 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has dropped a new preview for another Master coming to the world of Malifaux soon. Weave a web of intrigue and pick off your foes silently with Nexus!

Nexus Artwork - Malifaux

Nexus Artwork // Malifaux

There is plenty to get excited about with this new master who is starting to get people questioning what's up with The Explorer's Society and Cadmus. Nexus' crew is one which focuses on control and using a web (hah) of influence in order to bring down her enemies.

Nexus Cards - Malifaux

Nexus Cards // Malifaux

As you get a peek at her cards you'll see some of the ways in which she can do this. She seems like a terrifying character to introduce into the world of Malifaux and I can't wait to see what the various additions to her crew are going to be.

It seems like this new edition of Malifaux has brought to life all manner of interesting new characters plus allowed the team at Wyrd to upgrade a lot of the old miniatures. It's always good to see what unique miniatures Wyrd have created from month-to-month. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more miniature previews of these characters over the coming weeks.

Are you diving into and playing Malifaux right now?

"Are you diving into and playing Malifaux right now?"

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