Wyrd Oopsie Becomes Holiday Bonus In Winter Wonderland Box

November 28, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

The Monday preview from Wyrd Games is very unique indeed. In the hustle and bustle of Black Friday activities, they discovered that the mould for the Alternate Rasputina in the Winter Wonderland box collapsed. Rather than shipping out an inferior product, they've settled on making things right in a big way.

The rest of the box contents will come in plastic as expected, but the Alternate Rasputina will come in a lovely, high-quality resin. And to make things even more merry and bright, Wyrd has decided to up the ante in the box contents and have added an additional holiday miniature - Festivus Arborus.

This wild Christmas tree is an alternative sculpt for the Ice Golem and tips the value of the box to $100 - but the price remains the same as it was! So if you haven't already ordered a Winter Wonderland box for yourself, there's still time. This news will delay the shipment of the boxes for about two to three weeks, but I think it's worth it.

Will you be picking up a Winter Wonderland box for yourself?

"This wild Christmas tree is an alternative sculpt for the Ice Golem..."

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