Wyrd Shows Off The Resurrectionist’s Carrion Emissary

February 2, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

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This week's Wyrd Miniatures preview gives us a look at the next Emissary in Malifaux, this one being for the Resurrectionists.

Wyrd Carrion Emissary

The Carrion Emissary may be the most foreboding mini for the crew yet. He is the perfect harbinger for death, as he brings the ominous image of a crow with deadly accessories including a sickle, blades and syringes to do his dirty work. As with all the Emissaries, this fellow will offer unique abilities to each master within the Resurrectionist faction.

Am I the only one with "Nevermore" running through my mind?

What do you think of this ominous addition to the Resurrectionists?

"Am I the only one with "Nevermore" running through my mind?"

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