Battle Over The Normandy Farm Set From Warcradle Scenics

July 26, 2023 by brennon

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If you're looking for a suitable battlefield for your next World War II encounter on the tabletop in games like Bolt Action or 02 Hundred Hours, have a peek at the new Normandy Farm Terrain which will be available in August from Warcradle Scenics!

Normandy Farm Set - Warcradle Scenics

Normandy Farm Set // Warcradle Scenics

This is an absolutely stunning set of pre-coloured/painted terrain that you can use straight away after you've assembled it. It represents the kind of locations that the Allies and Axies would have fought over as the fighting moved from the beaches and spread into the countryside. There are a whole host of buildings for you to sink your teeth into here including the Cottage and Barn which makes good places for the enemy to set up their command post.

Normandy Cottage - Warcradle Scenics

Normandy Farm Set - Cottage // Warcradle Scenics

You get the sense that at one time, the Cottage used to be the home of a farmer and his wife but as the occupation set in, the farmer and his family got dragged into the city and fell under the rule of the Axis forces there. Now, the Axis have made this their outpost on the frontier against the Allied advance and are hoping to lay a trap for the British and Americans pushing up to the town nearby.

This place is now devoid of life and only the skeleton of a farm remains. The buildings like the Workshop have been turned into places for the Germans to set up their defences and are now bristling with waiting riflemen, machine guns and snipers.

Normandy Barn - Warcradle Scenics

Normandy Farm Set - Workshop // Warcradle Scenics

What's nice about buildings like the Barn and the Walls is that they can be built in a Damage or Undamaged state showcasing the action happening on the tabletop. Maybe this Farm has seen some action early on in the war and that was the reason why the family left. Either way, it should prove to be an interesting place to try and fight over, especially with lots of tactically important locations to try and control.

Damaged Barn - Warcradle Scenics

Normandy Farm Set - Damaged Barn // Warcradle Scenics

Having the interiors of the buildings detailed as they are and with multiple levels means that you can really get into the nitty-gritty of combat and the skirmishes taking place. This makes them really good for games like 02 Hundred Hours where nooks and crannies, stealth and sneaking about are incredibly key. I could see some plucky SAS soldiers sneaking through that wrecked barn to take out a few sentries!

If you're looking to set the stage for a sniper duel then the Windmill might be a good shout. I like the idea of Private Creek setting up in this and providing covering fire down onto the rest of the farm from the hill nearby. I love working out the kinds of stories you could tell by just looking at terrain like this. It's a really good way of getting you in the vibe for some wargames!

Normandy Windmill - Warcradle Scenics

Normandy Farm Set - Windmill // Warcradle Scenics

Another of the great packs that you get as part of the Normandy Farm is the Checkpoint which can be further enhanced by the Scatter Terrain in the set.

Normandy Checkpoint - Warcradle Scenics

Normandy Checkpoint // Warcradle Scenics

If we're going with the idea that this is a German outpost that needs to be taken out by commandos then this works perfectly. You could set up some great patrol paths around the farm in 02 Hundred Hours and get your Allied soldiers ready for the perfect strike! Either that or sneak in under the cover of a lorry and do some damage from the inside of the farm!

The full set of terrain breaks down as...

  • 1x Normandy Cottage
  • 1x Normandy Barn (can be built as a Damaged variant)
  • 1x Normandy Windmill
  • 1x Normandy Walls (can be built as a Damaged variant)
  • 1x Normandy Farmyard Scatter
  • 1x Normandy Workshop
  • 1x Normandy Checkpoint you loads to play with. As with a lot of these sets, you can usually get the terrain separately a few months down the road but I like the idea that this set gives you everything you need for putting together a solid table full of terrain.

Will you be picking this up?

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"You could set up some great patrol paths around the farm in 02 Hundred Hours and get your Allied soldiers ready for the perfect strike!"

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