Black Scorpion Remaster The Last Patrol On Kickstarter

November 7, 2018 by brennon

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Black Scorpion Miniatures is on Kickstarter and pushing towards their final hours on the platform as they look to bring the Last Patrol range back to life with new resin figures.

US Last Patrol 1 - Black Scorpion

The miniatures were previously released in metal but the new campaign looks to bring the collection back in resin, giving you a whole bunch of highly detailed soldiers to play as when you get stuck into your Modern Warfare tabletop gaming, which is most certainly on the rise right now.

USM Last Patrol 2 - Black Scorpion

The range has been broken down into three different USM Packs which give you a collection of Riflemen with grenade launches and also a big SAW and a Sniper too.

US Last Patrol 3 - Black Scorpion

There's plenty to mix and match when it comes to this range and since all of the miniatures from Black Scorpion have been hand sculpted there is a nice degree of difference between the different Packs and what gets offered. You effectively have individual soldiers represented in each of the poses.

Stretch Goals

As well as some alternative heads which can be used to tweak the range Black Scorpion also unlocked the Marine Captain...

US Last Patrol Marine Captain - Black Scorpion

...and the Marine Colonel as part of the stretch goal period following successfully funding the campaign. Again, both of them are looking great and take the place of a commanding figure towards the back of the force, directing the flow of battle.

US Last Patrol Marine Colonel - Black Scorpion

With the mass of Modern Warfare games out there now as well as a whole range of different board games it makes sense to snap these up and drop them into the collection. They also have a bit of a multi-purpose feel to them as they'd work very well against zombies and aliens as well as they would against Insurgents in the Gulf.

What do you make of The Last Patrol?

"...they'd work very well against zombies and aliens as well as they would against Insurgents in the Gulf"

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