Call Up British Aces With Blood Red Skies Hurricanes & Mosquitos

September 20, 2018 by brennon

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We led the week looking towards the Pacific theatre with a set of F4F Wildcats and some Japanese Bombers. Well, now we're back in the skies over The Channel as the Hawker Hurricane (my favourite aircraft) comes soaring into Blood Red Skies from Warlord Games.

Hawker Hurricane Squadron - Blood Red Skies

The Hurricane was fast and lightweight, a dangerous tool in the arsenal of the British during World War II and the Battle Of Britain. Their design also meant that they were very easy to fix once they'd been shot full of holes, allowing engineers and pilots to get them going again; ready to hold off bombing raids by the Germans.

Whilst the Spitfire was the plane which found itself logged within the minds of the British public, it was the Hurricane which many say won the war for the skies. Not least of course because they were able to call on Ace Pilots like Douglas Bader...

British Ace Pilot Douglas Badger - Blood Red Skies

...and Witold Urbanowicz. Both of these Allied Pilots can be snapped up alongside with their own plastic Hurricane for you to use in your games.

Allied Ace Pilot WITOLD URBANOWICZ - Blood Red Skies

The Hurricane will always hold a special place in my heart as it was one of the planes that my Grandfather worked on during the war. Hurricanes and Lancaster Bombers were his area of expertise and so seeing these amazing vehicles and the heroic individuals who flew them on the tabletop is very cool indeed.

A Stinger In The Skies

As well as the Hurricane sets the folks at Warlord Games has also put together a set of DeHavilland Mosquitos in plastic.

DeHavilland Mosquito Squadron - Blood Red Skies

The Mosquito, much like the Hurricane, was constructed out of wood. Unlike many other planes though the Mosquito was ENTIRELY made out of the stuff! They were fast and could fulfil multiple roles on the battlefield, serving as fighter-bombers, day and night fighters, and even reconnaissance planes.

Another Ace Pilot is also available from Warlord Games alongside the release of the Mosquitos. You can also snap up 'Pick' Pickard.

British Ace Pilot Pick Pickard - Blood Red Skies

He was singled out as an 'Ace' for his coolness under fire and even starred in a wartime film called Target For To-night which made him a bit of a celebrity amongst the Allies. He served throughout the war until he was killed during the Amiens Prison Raid portion of Operation Jericho.

We also have another ace, Johnnie Johnson (not to be confused with Johnny Johnson of Dambusters fame...I know, right?) who was a Spitfire pilot.

British Ace Pilot Johnnie Johnson - Blood Red Skies

He had a keen eye, earning his stripes as it were by bringing down around thirty-four aircraft during his time in the RAF. He was credited with taking down fourteen Messerschmitt Bf 109s and twenty Focke-Wulf Fw 190s making him the highest scoring Allied pilot against the Luftwaffe.

Are you going to be picking up any of these heroes for your own games of Blood Red Skies?

"The Hurricane was fast and lightweight, a dangerous tool in the arsenal of the British during World War II and the Battle Of Britain..."

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