Community Spotlight: Bushido Gremlins, 6mm Armies & Monstrous Mythological Beasts

April 14, 2017 by crew

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Come and join us for another delve into the awesomeness from the community in another spotlight as we pour through the Hobby & Painting Forum. There's some great stuff this time around...

...including some funny Gremlins from Bushido, 6mm Modern Armies and even some Mythological Beasts from Arena Rex.

hunter 82

Bushido Gremlins by hunter82

We kick things off from the amazing world of Bushido. hunter82 went to town on some fantastic models from their Savage Wave and painted up these Gremlin fellows fantastically.

Bushido #1 by hunter82

These miniatures show off some impressive skill with highlighting and working on small amounts of detail to bring them to life. The lines of the robes have been picked out nicely and the facial details look great.

Bushido #2 by hunter82

Even on this bigger model, there has been plenty of care and attention paid to making sure that the skin comes across as looking natural. We love the extra freehand work that has done on the robes to tie them all into the same faction.

Add to that the Japanese characters which have been written on the base and you have some exquisite freehand work going on here. Kudos to you hunter82!

6mm Cold War British by rastamann

We then move to the world of Historical gaming and the TINY universe of 6mm wargaming. Yes, here we have an entire army for your Modern Warfare escapades on the tabletop by rastamann.

6mm Cold War British by rastamann

The tanks have been impressively painted. I would have thought that the detail would get lost in vehicles and soldiers at this scale but you can get can pick bits of the tanks well here. Even with infantry at this scale, you get some good splashes of colour allowing you an impression of the units characters.

You can follow the link to this particular thread, The Den Of Small 6mm Painting, to go and see more impressive looking units painted up for this scale. Maybe we'll be converted yet!

Arena Rex Monsters by odinsgrandson

Last but not least we have some impressive mythological beasts from the world of Arena Rex which features some utterly amazing sculpts. Well, odinsgrandson has done a splendid job doing them justice with his paint job on these particular creatures.

Proximo by odinsgrandson

Leading the way we have this impressive creation known as Proximo. Based on the idea of a Chimera this is an interesting take on the beast. I think the mix of techniques here has blended well and whilst the transition from the snake head to lion body is rather stark on the miniature it has been blended together well by odinsgrandson.

That particular creature is then joined by the weird and grossly wonderful Wendigo here. This truly is a strange looking beast made even more eerie by the paint scheme.

Wendigo by odinsgrandson

I think that the painting here makes it look a little bit like a painting come to life, especially when you look at the large antlers that protrude from this things head. odinsgrandson has done a good job of adding texture to the horns and across the rest of the model too so nice job!

Show Us Your Stuff!

We’ve been blown away by the work from the community once again and would love to see your work in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

All you have to do is head over to the forum linked above and start your own topic to start posting your work. It’s simple to upload photos of your work-in-progress and finished projects and we like seeing the process unfold.

We also don’t mind if you’re a newcomer to painting or a veteran. Everything you folks do inspires us to keep at it with our hobby and we have a wonderful community who like to get involved and share techniques.

What do you think of our entries to the hall of fame this week?

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