Firelock & Phalanx Blood & Valor British Set Coming Soon!

December 3, 2020 by brennon

Firelock Games and Phalanx Consortium have added another army deal into the mix for those wanting to venture into Blood & Valor, the World War I miniatures wargame in 28mm. This time we're getting the British with pre-orders live now ahead of a Late December release.

World War I British Army - Blood & Valor

World War I British Army // Blood & Valor

This new set comes with everything you need to get going in Blood & Valor with a 150 point starter force which is designed to be a good all-rounder force when it comes to taking on the Germans. The focus here is on the Late War period and the British army as it was during 1916-18.

Within the set, you'll be getting a Command Team, two Rifleman Units, a Highlander Assault Team, Vickers Machine Gun Team plus all of the bases and stat cards you need to play the force on the tabletop.

I must admit; this was the force that I was waiting for. When I first heard about Blood & Valor I was tempted to dive in but wanted to wait for the British! Much like with my thoughts when it comes to World War II battles, I am tempted by this period but only on a skirmishing level. This would certainly cover that which is good to see.

Are you into Blood & Valor and if so, which faction do you play as?

"I must admit; this was the force that I was waiting for..."

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